Mental Photography deck (500th post too)

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Mental Photography deck (500th post too)

Postby Markdini » Dec 22nd, '06, 22:16

For my 500th post of which I consider a milestone I have decided to do a review rather then one of them “you are wrong” type post. I will try to fit the sentence in some where in the review though.
Yet again I have found that the old review of this effect is a bit lacking (before the review template , was set up )and so I have took it upon my self to write a new one.

Lets hope this review doesn’t end up in a gimmicked vs. no gimmicked debate like my svengali review did. So with out further ado here it is my 500th post :

The Effect

The mental photography deck. The basic trick is, show a deck of cards that is blank on both sides many ways to do this. Explain you can “print” a card by magic cut the deck and there is one card with a face on and a blank back, wait there is more! Show a whole deck of cards “printed front and back! Now that’s not a bad tick in my eyes and that’s why I brought it.


£9.20 from every ones favourite Mod owned magic shop
I know it is a bit pricey but the way the deck is gimmicked I think warrants the cost. Well maybe a little cheaper we all like something for less don’t we.

1 to the bottom end of two its all most self working but you got to sell the trick (not like buy it then sell it for a quid cheaper) but that’s what its all about. And the gimmicks will do most of the work for you.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)


I haven’t had this deck long. Just a few hours in fact and I liked it so much I decided that I must tell you all about it. The principles of the gimmicks and how they come together are genius in my opinion , A little from this deck, chuck in some of that and we have some of that too.
Now I know people are going say “they will want to see the cards” and I don’t want to open that can worms again. Just lets say I don’t think they will with the right presentation the first thing you do after all is show blank both sides. That takes some of the heat of the deck to start with. All though you cant really give them to the spec I suggest use this as a closer I think it will give you a reputation.
Ok this it what I like and don’t like about the deck my likes are

1. Great routine which you can milk
2. Practically self working just a couple of things to remember
3. You get a good reaction after showing that printed card.

Now reviews should be objective and so I will try to be what I don’t like :

1. One part of the gimmick will wear out and it be easier to replace the deck then to try and do the “fix”

2. Cant be examined. Ok , I know what you are thinking he just said something about it all being in the presentation and he has just contradicted him self. Well yes, yes I have and will tell you why. As a closer this is great you open your card act or stick it in the middle then you may have problems unless you can deck switch.


Lets sum this up then. it’s a gimmicked deck in 4 ways (quite a bit don’t you think) and its not examinable that’s going to put some people of I understand. The deck is certainly a good back up to the svengali deck with out a doubt some aspects stronger even. Being able to show the cards in a more “fair” way is one. It wont replace my svengali deck but with accompany it or be used instead of but not replace. I think I have argued the value of a svengali deck.
It is not a one trick deck either as many gimmicked decks are I can see this used in traditional magic as well as mental magic. Just be aware of the deck limitations and workings and you should be fine. it’s a fun little routine to perform think more of an ambitious card deck in some respects..
Now of course even if I sound it I am not going to marry this deck it has faults and I mentioned them above and other decks have some advantages while others have disadvantages. But the right patter the right routine you got your self a little almost self working dare I say reputation maker…ok not quite a reputation maker but pretty dam close it hurts.

I give this a Markdini approval rating of 8 out of ten due to some minor stuff that irks me. Go on get one it wont be the worse gimmicked deck you buy.

I am master of misdirection, look over there.

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