The Naughty Corner

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The Naughty Corner

Postby IAIN » Jun 11th, '07, 12:58

Just a thought - could you do it so that if anyone is deemed to be over stepping the mark in some way, you could zap them into a virtual "naughty corner"?

Which would limit them to only a couple of areas and not be allowed to post for say a week?


Postby Lady of Mystery » Jun 11th, '07, 14:01

I like it, nice idea. Might, make people think before attacking each other

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Postby Charles Calthrop » Jun 11th, '07, 14:05

Or you might get people who secretly want to get sent to the naughty corner. For some reason. I'm not sure why they would. It's a very strange idea. But I'm sure there are people like that.

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