Topit Techniques by Pat Page

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Topit Techniques by Pat Page

Postby dat8962 » Dec 2nd, '07, 17:05

First off, this isn’t the full name of the DVD – it’s Secret Seminars of Magic with Pat Page Volume 3. It’s a double volume split between the Three Shell Game, the classic con Game and Topit Techniques, magic’s most powerful weapon.

I’ve posted under the title of Topit techniques specifically for those interested in topiting and my earlier review of Carl Cloutier’s DVD raised some interest (see review here - )

The Effect

What they say:-

The power to vanish almost any small object right before the eyes of your spectators is now in you hands – and in your coat! In this video presentation, Patrick Page introduces the Topit, a highly deceptive magical secret weapon. After going through the basics, Patrick Page also teaches many advanced techniques that will have you performing veritable miracles in no time!

Introduction – blind billiard ball routine – what is a topit? – motion and tossing objects – how to open jacket – throwing object away – colour change with ball – ball to handkerchief – Kaps large coin vanish – Kaps vanishing cane – description of the topit – Michael Amars topit bag – George Blakes taking object from pocket – switching a deck of cards – vanishing deck – egg bag idea – the pub glass vanish – story of the topit.


£12.00 (is that all !!!!) from

Post free

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Hard to say as it skill based and if anything requires practice then this does.


If you read my review on Expert Topiting Made Easy then you will know that I was rather disappointed with the overall content, particularly as there wasn’t anything of note about the said item itself. With a topit on order I was still needing to find some decent reference material so who else to call and have a chat with then Mike Danata (what would I do without his wealth of knowledge?).

Mike didn’t have this title in stock (note that his web site only shows a fraction of what he stocks in his Tardis of a shop) so he ordered a copy for me which took a couple of days to arrive. It was a bonus to also find that the DVD included the Three Shell Game!

Anyway, it’s the topit part that was of interest and I have to say that I wasn’t let down. This is a vastly superior reference source than Cloutier’s offering with some excellent tips on installing, setting up and using the topit. You get to see the topit close up and are shown the differences between the classic and Amar topits. You’re also shown how to install and set up your topit that includes so many useful tips that aren’t included on the Cloutier DVD. Overall, there is just so much more crammed into the 37 minutes.

The quality of the transfer onto DVD may not be top quality but it doesn’t matter as it’s more than acceptable and still gets the point across. The session itself was shot at a magicians lecture and then edited so it is explained at the onset that you will see some of the moves that laymen will not see. There are some really nice yet simple routines included that will get anyone going but you also gain enough information to then take your topiting to the next stage by becoming more creative and experimental.


This is a great DVD for the topit section alone and is a bargain for £12.00. For those of you interested in the topit then you need look no further than this title as being the complete reference source on DVD.

Very highly recommended and make sure that you get it from Mike Danata! :wink:

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