A chat room.

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A chat room.

Postby TheAlkhemist07 » Dec 10th, '07, 19:04

I think it would be quite good to have a chat room here at TM.
The advantages are obvious such as:
Spontenaity (dont really know if thats a word)
Would make it easier for guest magicians to talk to the forum at large
Lectures and stuff making TM more of an internet community thatn a forum.
Actual chatting.

However there are also some diadvantages I could think of:
Technical difficulty, Im not a tech geek but I presume these things would be quite hard to program or whatever.

Mon the chat room!!! :lol:

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Postby Beardy » Dec 10th, '07, 19:05

oh man...could you imagine the likes of me in a place like that?

now that would be interesting...



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Postby Ian McCarthy » Dec 11th, '07, 15:16

I ran one for a while. Only really me seige and steve used it though, and since we talk on msn anyway, I just shut it down.

If needs be I can start another one.

Ian McCarthy
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Postby seige » Dec 11th, '07, 15:19

I'm in contact with 20+ 'good friends' TM members all day, most days via MSN.

Which is controllable. i.e. the first sign someone abuses the priviledge, you can kick them out.

A chat room would be chaos! It's only moderated when a moderator's around.

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Postby Lady of Mystery » Dec 11th, '07, 15:36

I like the MSN way too, that way I can chat with who I want to and ignor those I don't.

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Postby Markdini » Dec 11th, '07, 16:03

I'll talk to anyone. I even talk to beard I am not a good judge of charactor.

I am master of misdirection, look over there.

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Postby Lady of Mystery » Dec 11th, '07, 16:28

oh I talk to anyone as long as they're nice. Just every now and again I get the odd person who's a little too 'friendly'. They're the one's who'll get ignored

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Postby Adrian Morgan » Dec 12th, '07, 00:30

Lady of Mystery wrote:oh I talk to anyone as long as they're nice.

Well, there goes my theory that you are The Lady, as in "Those who seek her never find her, yet she is known to come to the aid of those in greatest need. Then again, sometimes she doesn't". (Ref: Terry Pratchett's Discworld Companion.) The preference for pink rather than green was always an anomaly, too.

(Seriously, a friend of mine once read CoM and decided that The Lady was the character most like herself...)

Personally, I don't use MSN or any kind of chatting software at all. I'm content with things like email, which let me think about a reply. (Besides, out here in my Australian timezone, instantaniety would be wasted on most Internet conversations.)

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Adrian Morgan
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