I think we need more than one skin.

Ideas for improvement? Please let us know here! Not everything is possible but we'll consider all suggestions.

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Postby Miles More Magic » Dec 12th, '07, 04:32

out_slide, read the comments after youtook back your suggestion.

Lawrance posted a jokey remark to Markdini.

Lord Freddie made a comment about another forum.

Lady of Mystery made a jokey comment.

Seige explained things, then made a comment which had :lol: at the end.

Magic Monkey made a comment about the subject.

Johnny Wizz made a comment about not understanding the computer phrases.

Markdini made a comment, which although it was a dig, hardly falls into this :
As a member, you are asked to refrain from any form of belittling, deflammatory, hostile or punishing remarks towards new members.

I made a comment about the mods, one about reading the forum and one about Durex, which had :wink: at the end. I am sorry if this offended you, it wasn't meant that way.

Have a read through them again, without taking it personally and you may find they aren't all having a go at YOU.
You have said you read through the forum before joining. Although there are arguments, I mean disagreements sometimes, we quite often have banter going on.

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Postby Mandrake » Dec 12th, '07, 10:15

Don't worry, we appreciate that the suggestion was made in good faith and in all innocence for very good reasons. Sadly, the idea can't be implemented at the moment so until such time as it can, we'll just carry on as usual. As the thread has reached a logical end point we'll leave the matter to rest.

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