Mind Snap - Jon brown

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Mind Snap - Jon brown

Postby Chris » Jan 20th, '09, 16:50

A lovely little effect -

Mind Snap - Jon brown



A member of the audience selects and places a blank card into an envelope that the magician has produced.

A card is then selected from a standard deck of cards and held by the audience member.

The magician explains that the envelope is actually a new hi-tech experi-mental camera. He claims it can take a snap shot of the mind and attempts to demonstrate this by asking the audience member to concentrate on his chosen card. This first attempt fails but only because part of the camera is missing. The missing part an image of a camera front is discovered by a member of the audience and placed on the envelope.

The magician takes the photo again but this time when asked to take out the card in the envelope the audience are astonished to discover that it has actually developed into the chosen card.

> The envelope remains in view at all times.
> The cards are only handled by the audience.
> The inside of the envelope is fully exposed to the audience.
> The putting in and taking out of it's contents is done by the audience.


Ok well, this took me by complete suprise...I was blown away when my good friend John showed me this...I love when your not looking for a fab effect, and then one comes along and makes you go ooooohhh...
John makes each mind snap by hand, and it is very well put together.

This has gone straight into my close-up act. The effect itself has a lot of scope to be used for other situations and not just cards...I myself am already thinking of some sort of aged effect with the same handling...

-Idea 9/10
-Handling- Easy
-Wow factor - 10

Price - I do believe its around the £30 mark, but dont quote me on that....

If anyones interested www.mindsnap.co.uk

Im sure Ive been a TM member long enough now not to get moaned at for reviewing a mates effect, but I wouldnt put my name to this post if the effect wasnt any good...



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Postby Mandrake » Jan 20th, '09, 18:35

There's no objection to reviewing items by someone you knowm as long as it reflects your honest opinion. If someone else buys the effect and disagrees with your assessment then that's only the same as for any other item reviewed.

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Postby Chris » Jan 20th, '09, 19:26

Good good, like I say above I wouldnt if I wasnt impressed..

*just to add - Johns added this now cos the link was broken


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