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Free Magic Shows

Postby aporia » Wed Apr 29, 2009 7:23 pm

If anyone wants to see some free magic, they could do worse than to visit the trade shows held in places like Olympia and Earls Court.

Usually free to get in, packed with flashing balls and populated with magicians.

The first show is magic. The third is education. In these places the rules about not repeating your tricks to the same audience don't apply.

The tricks are usually fairly fast an in-your-face, but sometimes there's a real gem in there (though perhaps not if you are Lennert Green).

I've just spent an interesting couple of days watching some really interesting stuff from people like Kevin Cann (who didn't have his TalkMagic badge on ... ); Bram Charles (from Vegas); Phil Jay (mr classic force) and Laura London (apparently she's going to be on the telly). And others.

The best part though, is when they give you freebies. I got a SVENGALI DECK!! I might even open it one day.

Makes me want to learn a quick invisoble deck and tout myself out.

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