Movers and Shakers by Tyler Wislon and Andi Gladwin

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Movers and Shakers by Tyler Wislon and Andi Gladwin

Postby babyshanks » Jun 1st, '09, 13:11

What they say
Andi Gladwin and Tyler Wilson have been secretly leading double lives. While the magic world knows then as two uber cool close-up performers, this book details their previously untold secret lives as the rockstar duo: Movers & Shakers

You're about to learn ten of their top secret moves. These are the very moves that have 20-year-old girls screaming at their feet in every city they travel to. You're about to learn the secret of the Movers & Shakers.

The Effects

The Shocker - As a card gradually slides through the index and middle fingers of the left hand, it visibly changes to another card in full view of the rocky mountain landscape.

This is a colour change that happens very slowly. Most other colour changes around happen very quickly and the deed is done in a snap of the fingers. This, however, is the opposite. You can pause and show half the card changed and the other half not. Sounds good, but how are the angles?

Terrible. 7/10 simply because it would look nice in the right hands.

Flip Reverse it - The performer cuts the deck in two and turns the top packet face-up. OK, that's a lie: he turns the top packet face-up, whilst secretly turning the bottom packet over too.

This is Andi Gladwin's take on the Tenkai Optical Revolve. It's not bad, but it ain't brilliant. If you had to choose between this and the original, I'm pretty sure you would go for the original. Andi says the Tenkai Optical Revolve is based on a subtlety, but his is based on a secret action... but both use a subtlety. And when I say A subtlety, I mean the same subtlety. A bit of a devolution really. 2/10

Damage Control - Card gets lost, but is secretly controlled to the bottom, or second from bottom, or third, fourth etc...

I didn't like it. You have to be sloppy with the pack and drop halves on the table accidently and stuff. Works for Lennart, but not for me I'm afraid. Especially not during a control. A simple Convincing Control would work the same, and as the name states, is much more convincing. 4/10

Road Trip - In an impressive display of skill, the Aces are shown to be on top of the deck.

It's a not very pretty ace production. And it requires a set-up. If you were looking to learn a pretty ace production, you certainly wouldn't do this. 1/10

Fluffer - The performer finds four Aces in the blink of an ear

Another ace-production, which proudly claims to be filler and similar to the one just taught. At least this one doesn't require a set-up and just needs the four Aces on top of the deck.

It's much harder though. Well, it's probably similarly as taxing as other ace productions, but just not quite as good. So again, I don't know why you would use it if set-up doesn't bother you. 5/10

Variety Bucket - This subtlety for the Ovette/Kelly Master Move allows you to leave the selection side jogged throughout the whole process.

This is pretty good. It's quite hard, but in the right hands I'm sure it look very nice. It is a little like the DDC by the Buck twins, but definitely more convincing looking.

It's a bit like the Convincing Control from a dribble, if that makes sense. 8/10

Double Standard - A symbiotic relationship between two cards, two fingers, and a thumb. (A DL)

This is similar to the Stuart Gordon DL, only less natural. It is easier than the Stuart Gordon Double, but if I was to learn it, I would not sacrifice difficulty over naturalness. 4/10

Dual Reality Fan - The performer shows the audience a normal fan of cards and then asks someone to look at the fan and think of a card. Even though the performer doesn't close the fan, he has managed to secretly convert the normal fan to a blank fan, allowing him to utilise the participant as a sneaky impromptu stooge kinda guy.

Ok, so this book is sold to purely teach "new" sleights, with no applications. Why, then, has he added an application for this sleight? Simple, because it sucks.

I think more people would be confused rather than realise they are part of the act and have turned into an impromptu stooge.

This must have been taught somewhere before. I have definitely seen it before, but I can't remember where. Meaning they are simply selling an application, and a quite rubbish one at that. 1/10

Credit Card Change - A white rectangular piece of cardboard with coloured markings alters its appearance to a different white rectangular piece of cardboard with coloured markings

It's a colour change that takes away the microscopically small and never been noticed by a layman discrepancy of the Shapeshifter or the Twirl Change.

That being said, I actually quite like it for some weird reason :) 6/10

Déjà Vu Count - This is a false display in the same style and the Rhythm Count - you have four cards and show them as four, but actually only show the same two cards twice. The difference here is that you don't deal the cards to the table, making it more suitable to most performing conditions. Weird.

I'm quite biased here seeing as I hate displays/counts that show one card at a time by turning them over, so no change here then. 3/10


£12. Or you get it for free when you purchase Dominatricks for £20 from


(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

A low 5 for some of the moves, but mainly 3/4

Ok, so as I stated earlier the book is simply sleights for self confessed move monkeys and it will not give any applications for the tricks. They say it will get the creative juices flowing, I say it's because they can't think of anything decent to do with the junk they gave away in the book.

After reading the first item, The Shocker, Andi Gladwin writes that this is his favourite item in the book. From then on I didn't have very high expectations of what was about to come. Initially when I first ordered it I thought there might be some nice, fun things to practise. Unfortunately, none of it really tickled my fancy.

The book itself is a funny read, they are two pretty funny people. I also like how each of them writes a few things about each others sleights afterwards to give their thoughts. What I didn't like was a majority of the content and the annoying pose Andi is doing on the front cover.

And the average of the marks I gave is...... 4/10!

So a below average book for me. Some nice things to try out, but pretty much everything in here is what other people would use as filler.

So is it worth 12 quid? Nope!!

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