director's cut - horror edition

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director's cut - horror edition

Postby IAIN » Jun 2nd, '09, 18:20

Where from:
price: £25
difficulty: 1-5, the basics and the handling are a simple 1
if you're looking to do XCM or lots of passes, you are either over complicating things, or looking to buy it for the wrong reasons...

What do you get?
A collection of 26 different cards (blank on one side and a poster of a well known horror film on the other side).

Four alternative horror films that can be used either in place of four of the main 26 cards or in addition to them.

Four non-horror films which can be used with a number of effects, or can just act as alternatives in either the Horror set or the original set of “Director’s Cut” cards.

A duplicate of the “Dracula” card.

A double blank card.

This manuscript, which not only outlines several ideas that can be used with the cards, but also offers a short synopsis of each film giving you some background information that can be used with the effects, in case you haven’t seen the film in question.

A DVD. On the DVD is the manuscript that was issued with the original “Directors Cut”, the booklet you are now reading and several templates that can be used to make props for some of the described effects. Oh and some performances too.

What i say
Simon was one of the first people i got to know on here. Him, Tomo and Dr. Todd...i kinda landed on my feet magic wise, knowing these three little tinkers - they've all been very helpful and encouraging.

Everyone say aaaawwww...

i think of them as the 3 bears, and myself as goldilocks...if you know me, you can dig the irony of that statement. And if you don't let's move right along.

Director's Cut. The title says it all. Though, if you have been drinking, you have to be a little careful in case you trip your tongue and say a rude word. Teehee 'director'...

Right so, this time around, you have horror what? i hear you ask. Well, i think horror films cover the strongest of emotions, not just the fear, but also relief, occassional black humour, and a few other emotive states too. I think a horror film stays with you that much longer than any other kind. You may be able to choke up quotes from a lot of comedies for the same reason; i just feel there's a bigger range of things to take advantage of during a performance..and its only horror that lets you do that.

Thankfully, the film titles chosen (which i wont list) are classics for the main, with some evocative ones thrown in - you may or may not like Childs Play for example, but the actual imagery is scarey, even if the film wasnt.

The setup is explained very clearly - as is peeking and mixing.

I have read people criticise these cards cos they are NOT poker sized. I say to those people - BAH! and indeed, MEH! This is yer actual mentalism, not card tricks...please step away from the sleights and concentrate on the performance...

The pdf goes into that much more detail than the dvd ever really could - so that was also a good move to include it. Watch the dvd - get the idea of whats involved. Then relax with a warm cup of bat-chewed coffee and read through the 68 page pdf at your leisure.

The effects cover predictions, intuition, influence, body language and multi-phased mind reading...the key thing is that you will almost certainly want to then create your own additions using other visual elements too...

If you're working parlour - have a real clapper board as the reveal...if you're up close, maybe take some shots off your tv of certain films...

i should point out you get ten effects overall in the pdf - 5 are shown in the dvd. As well as a performance by Pete Nardi/Ray Winston in america.

Overall, this is a very versatile and unique effect, that'll give you ample food for thought for your own effects, as well as performing the lovely ones created here for you.

There's also opportunity to add more items with it - books on horror, a lead in to the dracula book test - a hoy book test, clapper board predictions, photos, all kinds of things...




Postby Replicant » Jun 4th, '09, 11:17

That's a horrific review. (Horrific - geddit?)

Simon, Jon and Todd = The Three Muskateers.

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Postby lozey » Jun 4th, '09, 14:31

I bought this a couple of days ago and I think its excellent. Well worth the money

(C, AH)
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Postby taffy » Jun 4th, '09, 14:49

lozey wrote:I bought this a couple of days ago and I think its excellent. Well worth the money

Hi Lozey, do you own the 1st edition too?

Just curious that's all!

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Postby Iceman » Jun 4th, '09, 15:02

I'm thinking of buying this. Few questions though: are these movies well known? Which set has more famous movies, the original or the horror?

@Iain, I owe the dracula's book test you wrote about. Considering your words I guess it's possible to f**c* this one?

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Postby Mandrake » Jun 4th, '09, 15:15

All the movies are well known, the possible exception in the original DC was Unforgiven but most people I've performed to know the film or knew of it. In any event, if the spec picks a film they don't know, they just return it and choose another - a genuinely free choice.

Any of the film websites will give you lots of background information on all the films so with a bit of homework you can sound really expert in terms of knowing your movies!

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Postby lozey » Jun 6th, '09, 00:47

taffy wrote:
lozey wrote:I bought this a couple of days ago and I think its excellent. Well worth the money

Hi Lozey, do you own the 1st edition too?

Just curious that's all!

I dont own the first edition. Since I heard there was going to be a horror edition, I decided to wait for that one

(C, AH)
If you have a quality,let it define you no matter what it is-Doug Bradley
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Postby gunnarkr » Jun 6th, '09, 02:06

Simon showed the prototype of it, I have sent payment and am now awaiting the delivery ... but I can hardly wait :)

It looks smasing!

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Directors Cut II

Postby pantherob » Jun 7th, '09, 03:55

I just got this last week. I also have the original Directors Cut. This is probably my favorite effect. The horror edition has some new routines on the DVD and pdf. You can combine both sets. and swap out cards from each set to also make your own set. I have done this for young and old and most of the movies were recognizable. I defintely think it is well worth the money. I heard Simon may come out with a tossed out deck version of this which I am really hoping for. Well done Simon!!

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Postby Replicant » Jun 7th, '09, 14:19

Not sure if the TOD version has been confirmed, but there is more info here... ... orum=15&31

(The link won't work so just copy and paste it).

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Postby bananafish » Jun 8th, '09, 10:09

Thanks for the lovely review Iain - and everyone else for the favourable comments. (by the way - which bear am I mummy, daddy or baby?).

When we originally decided to put the Horror version out, I was worried people wouldn't see it as being good value for money, thinking it to be effectively just another set of cards - which is why the manuscript for the Horror version is so much more comprehensive than the original DC.

There are other Director's Cut ideas on the burner, one of which is indeed a TOD version. That is actually more of an idea by Mark Elsdon, but I have to say is rather nice and it would be nice to see it produced.

From a personal point of view the next thing I would like to see is a jumbo card version for bigger settings. I currently use a set that is about a5 in size (possibly a bit smaller) which plays well for about 80 people, any larger situation than that they probably should be bigger. I also do a stage version of Monster Elite with 4 A4 sized cards.

So the question is, if these were to be produced in a bigger size, what size would you want?

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Postby JD » Jun 16th, '09, 17:28

I got this on a random purchase as it's the first trick I've bought in ages. Didn't really think too much about it but wish I'd have gone for the normal film addition as apposed to the horror one. If anyone wants to swap? :D

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Re: director's cut - horror edition

Postby artychris » Dec 7th, '11, 01:40

As I've only just started playing with this... I want to add my 5p's worth...

It's great!

And here's why... You have to perform it! To just go...."Pick a movie... got it? It's Psycho," clearly isn't enough... You have to work to make it work, not with slights, but with what you say and do. It's making me improve rather quickly, and each time I use it I learn something new! (Am now re-reading Strong Magic...)

And I can reveal with a drawing, which to me seems 10 times stronger than with words!

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Re: director's cut - horror edition

Postby Lord Freddie » Feb 15th, '12, 10:57

I have both editions of Director's Cut and it's a testament to it's quality that after owning it for a good few years, it's still something I regularly perform. I hope Simon still releases the other sets which were suggested. A kids film edition would go down a treat.

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Re: director's cut - horror edition

Postby kingof magic20 » Mar 25th, '12, 19:07

it ok i guess! but i have come up with a way to do it with the cards from ideck!
and i do a movie mentalisam effect with a newpaper cliping that get way better reactions!
be creative!

kingof magic20
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