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Sean Fields X Rated

Postby scott priest » Jan 24th, '08, 19:29

The Effect - This is Sean's follow up to 'Explicit Content'. X Rated covers a variety of ideas and routines. The only central theme in this book is that each effect is clearly explained and all are potential weapons in the right hands. In all, there are eighteen different effects described. Now, let me add some clarification to that - within the pages of these 18 effects are a vast amount of applications that will become obvious to the seasoned performer. There are routines on metal bending, mind reading, a few card effects, and an NWO envelope, to name a few. I won't list everthing covered in the book, but here are a few to consider- " Bloody Mary"
A compact mirror is produced & a group of spectators is told the story of Bloody Mary. The group is asked to chant the name 'Bloody Mary' over and over.
After the chanting stops, the mirror is revealed to show that it has cracked, not only that- one of the spectator's names is written accross the mirror in red!

Out of sight, out of mind- A spectator chooses a card from an ID. ( No, not your standard I.D.- a deck that is truly not there, except in the imagination!) After the selection is named your wallet is opened to show that it contains a card- the card they chose!

Metronome- A spectator thinks of a card color, name, and suit in their mind- as they are repeating it over and over in their mind you reveal the details that they are thinking of as they are thinking it.

There is also a NWO Envelope construction in this book which allows for multiple outs that is easy to make & very, very useful.

North of The Border- This is very sweet peek that allows you to see the entire billet & have the evidence gone just as fast.

That's just a few of the effects. There also effects involving other means of drawing dupes and original ideas on peeks that are subtle and powerful.

Cost $29.99

Difficulty - 3
(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
* I say 3. Some effects use sleights, some don't. Some of them will be much stronger if you already have a background in mentalism. *

Review- In all, it isn't so much the effects themselves that make this book- it is the potential for the methods to be applied to your own creativity that will make this a must have. Don't get me wrong, if you perform the effects just as described- they will kill. But if you are creative and want to develop some deadly effective routines- you will find some true gems hidden in the pages that are just begging to be applied to your own thoughts.

Over All - 9/10

This book is available from several dealers.
Here is where I got mine -


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scott priest
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Postby Noodlesoup » Jan 25th, '08, 22:46

Thanks for the review. I was about to ask the forum about this product since I saw it on but it does not give out a lot of information regarding it (the tricks in the product, as an example).

I liked Explicit Content and how "visual" the effects are, since everything is related to metal 'bends' and I know how Sean is so attuned to that (like Saw).

I will give it a week to think about buying this one. Thanks!

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Postby .:Ham:. » Feb 2nd, '08, 13:11

X-Rated is an awesome book written by an awesome author and creator. I use Sean's Metronome Revelation, Quality Control, and his spoon bending techniques on a regular basis. Thanks for the review.

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Postby spooneythegoon » Nov 23rd, '09, 18:00

I am thinking about buying this, it looks very good! I would like to know a little more about the other effects as well, and can bloody Mary JUST be used for a name, or can it be a card or anything? :D :D :D :P :P :P
P.S: sorry about the smilies, I just realized they were there, and I have to use them at every opportunity!!!

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