Play TIme - Rodger Lovins

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Play TIme - Rodger Lovins

Postby Rdw1971 » May 8th, '06, 18:56

The Effect
Available from

They say :
When asked how long have you been doing magic, take this laminated black and white photo out of your wallet and show them that you have been doing magic since age one!

The photo is cute and gets some reaction as a cute gag! But the best part is the photo can magically change from one card to another! And the photo can be examined!

You can use it to reveal two chosen cards or pretend that you made a mistake with your prediction and then ultimately your make things right by changing the photo to the correct card magically!

Easy to do and instant reset. No refills

Cost $20 (havent seen it on UK site yet)

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
2 Need a very easy sleight

Another good trick from Rodger Lovins (Break the Habbit - Calling Card etc)

It does exactly as it says above to be honest. Its quick to learn, and easy to do.

The instructions gives 4 presentaions, and instuctions on how to perform the "Cut Deeper" force.

The reset only takes a second or two, and you are left more or less clean at the end of it. The photo is totaly clean at the end and can be passed around for examination. Trust me, the spec wont find anything.

Also - the photo is gender netrual, so it doesnt matter if you male / female or other :shock:

Another good trick and very well made. Not sure when its available over here, so dont know the price, should imagine around the 15£ mark.

10/10 - recomend it

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Postby Dominick » May 8th, '06, 19:14

That seems like a pretty nifty little thing to carry around with you in your wallet. I would like something like that...Except...When I was one, pictures weren't in balck and white and I'm mucho broke-o. Nice review too.

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Postby Rdw1971 » May 8th, '06, 19:21

Ahh well - I can help you get over the black and white - just say your parents trying to be artistic, :?

Cant help with the lack of cash though - one advantage of being a old fart is that (hopefully) you got a job and earn some cash to keep you in magic supplies. :P

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Postby Rdw1971 » Aug 11th, '06, 19:38

Hi everybody - Hi Dr Nick!

SOrry bit of a strange mood today :?

I've just had a email from Rodger Lovins, and he has had some good feedback for Play Time, and I quote :

"Thanks Rodger, your "Play-Time" is my new
favorite trick to carry in my pocket."
-Mac King

So if its good enought for the famous Mac King, I'm sure some of you out there should give it a go (Trust me, Im a doctor)

Anyways, if you are intrested it is now available from:

Its been pretty slow getting taken on by Magic Shops over here, not sure why, as it's a good trick in the right hands.


ps Im not on a commision for this - I just like it, and Rodger was gratefull for the good review.

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Postby Tom Lauten » Aug 15th, '06, 12:29

I would say this is a very charming trick for a lot of informal situations.

Although not exactly impromptu (you need to work with some cards) it is a charming way to double up on a "and your card was" routine and reveal.

The gaffs are very clever and easy to use but it must be said that (to start with) one would not want to linger on them very long. You do end clean and it is a very visually baffling effect.

A tiny bit pricey but the quality is right up there.

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Postby finneyfollower » Jan 16th, '10, 04:38

and there could be a time where you ask 2 people to name any card, male and female, and you have a miracle!

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