Cold Reading & Seance Lecture, Greater Manchester

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Cold Reading & Seance Lecture, Greater Manchester

Postby themagicwand » Dec 18th, '10, 16:13

PARANORMAL ENTERTAINMENT - Earn Money With Seances & Psychic Readings

Profit From Past Life Regression's & Amaze With Ghost Walk's & Hunt's

WEDNESDAY - 19th Janury 2011

TIME: 10-00am until 6-00pm

LOCATION - Secret Location in Rochdale (Greater Manchester)

Join International Seance Expert Paul Voodini and Psychological Illusionist Jonathan Royle for this Unique One Day Intensive Workshop.

To be held at a secret location in Rochdale (Greater Manchester - Junction 20 off the M62) which will be revealed only to the select few who secure a ticket to attend this event,

Proceedings will run from 10-00am until 6-00pm and during that time your hosts Paul Voodini and Jonathan Royle will teach you in a simple step by step manner all of their closely guarded Secrets to Paranormal Entertainment Success.

By the end of this information packed day you will be armed with all of the Secrets, Psychological Ploys and Tried, Tested and Proven To Work Techniques enabling you to:

*Easily and Effectively Give Stunningly Accurate Tarot Card, Palmistry Psychometry and Astrological Readings.

*Help People To Explore Who they were and what they did in their Previous Lives.

*Present spine chilling demonstrations of Pendulum Power, Glass Moving and Ouija.

*Present entertaining demonstrations of Telepathy and ESP.

*Enable people to Feel (and perhaps even see) the prescence of Ghosts around them!

*The history of seance work and spiritualism.

*Cold reading - what it is and how to use it.

*Combining cold reading with traditional magic and mentalism to produce routines with real power.


Using these Techniques you could make around £60 per hour giving personal one to one readings for entertainment purposes!

You could earn several hundreds of pounds a night running profitable Ghost Walks, Ghost Hunts, Paranormal Investigation Experience Nights and Seances.

And You could earn Many £££'s each week giving people one to one Past Life Regression Sessions.

For further details please visit:

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Postby IAIN » Dec 18th, '10, 17:18

dancing with the devil eh Paul...

The Royle Road to Paranormal Entertainment...


Postby themagicwand » Dec 18th, '10, 17:40

IAIN wrote:dancing with the devil eh Paul...

A much misunderstand guy is young Jonathan. He's been very nice about me in the past, and I've no qualms about working with him on this occasion.

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Postby mark lewis » Dec 18th, '10, 21:10

Oh dear! I have no qualms about controversy either but I would never work with Jonathon. He is a raving lunatic. He may well have matured now
and may not be as bad as everyone makes out but I would be very wary of presenting a seminar with him simply because his presence would discourage people from attending.
Still, I suppose you know what you are doing.

mark lewis
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Postby ignis » Dec 31st, '10, 18:09

Well, I've paid my £77 for the seminar plus a fiver to see Paul perform the Jack the Ripper seance and I'm looking forward to the day imensely.

Is Jonathan Royle a raving lunatic??? From what I know of the man, through being a customer who has bought his DVD's on hypnosis to being his friend on Facebook I would offer the following observations.

Jonathan Royle is a slick marketer who knows how to sell products and seminars and guess what, his stuff works. It does what it says on the box. You want to learn hypnotic induction? He teaches it. No frills just stuff that works. Tricks of the trade, he teaches it. No fluff or c*** (not the best) just good solid info that I have used successfully in my act and my business.

His stop smoking course got me to quit the weed after 35 years of smoking between 20 and 40 per day since the age of 14. Even though he told me it was all smoke and mirrors and the whole thing was my imagination. I bought Paul Mackenna's Stop Smoking video and didn't stop with that.

Is he a raving lunatc?? Dunno, I will tell you all after the seminar on the 19th.


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Postby TonyB » Jan 3rd, '11, 15:04

I am an admirer of Jonathan Royle. I like his approach. And I have attended a workshop by Paul. This will be an entertaining and a worthwhile day for anyone with the sense to sign up.

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Postby themagicwand » Jan 20th, '11, 16:35

Thanks for that Tony. Just to say that we had a fantastic workshop and lecture during the day, and the evening performance went down very well also. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and thanks to all who attended. We will be running this seminar again towards the end of April I believe. Will keep you posted.

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Postby themagicwand » Mar 3rd, '11, 00:32

This event will be run again in Rochdale on Wednesday 11th May. After the huge success of the last event, spaces are expected to fill up pretty quickly. Anyone interested should secure their place asap. If you would like to book a place or know more details send me a PM and I'll forward all the details on to you.

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