Just the Pendulums, Ma'am...

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Just the Pendulums, Ma'am...

Postby Tomo » Jun 7th, '11, 21:30

We keep getting requests for just the pendulums from our Factotum Spirit Pendulum. As a thank you to Talk Magic, and especially everyone who took advantage of our Curiously Strong Magnetic £1 Coin offer, we want to offer these pendulums at a knock-down price before they're released to the general public.


They're made from a single piece of American Tulipwood. Measuring a handy 24cm from knot to pendulum bob tip, each hard wearing pendulum has been hand turned from a single piece of wood. It is then hand finished by ageing and weathering.

We're offering two models. The first is gaffed with a small but significant amount of neodymium and is sealed to resemble a solid piece of wood. This is the reason we turn them from a single piece of wood - so that the grain matches.

The second model allows the top to come off to reveal a small witness chamber. In bygone times, the questioner would place a hair or some other very small artefact belonging to the deceased inside this chamber before attempting contact. Ideal for bizarre spookiness!

    Gaffed pendulum: £19.99
    Ungaffed pendulum: £14.99

As with all our products, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, so there is no risk.

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