Odd and Ends by Alan Rorrison

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Odd and Ends by Alan Rorrison

Postby Parrott » Aug 25th, '11, 01:05

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The Effect: Odd and Ends by Alan Rorrison

Cost £10 from here

Difficulty 3
(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

The Matrix (the matrix Alan used on Fool Us)
Be Safe! (peel off a sticker from a lighter and throw it back on)
Metal-morphasis (signed coin and signed bottle cap switch places with one of them inside a card case)
The Key (borrowed key disappears and is found on magicians shoe lace)


First things first, you will need to buy two things for the first three effects. One I am sure you are aware of (especially if you watched Fool Us) and the other is relatively cheap to get hold of. Alan gives his recommended suppliers for both these products. For the fourth effect you may need to buy something, but chances are you have it laying around.

The matrix:
You can watch it on Fool Us here. This effect is easier to perform in the UK than most other countries, however it is doable to get everything to perform the effect in other countries. It is a nice effect to be honest, it brings the coin matrix into the workable world as you don't normally work many gigs with a table mat. Making the coins teleport on the spectators' hands as well is also a beautiful bonus to this version and with the correct showmanship will be incredibly strong. Alan walks you clearly through the method for the version on the hands and actually quite a nice version on a mat, which you would happily use as well. Alan deals with noise issues that arise and adds some nuances to the method as well. Nice little effect and I'm sure any worker would happily add this to their arsenal.

Be Safe!:
I originally saw Alan perform this at Blackpool 2010 when he was actually demoing one of the gimmicks you need for this effect, so you know he's been working on this awhile now. You do need one other object, but Alan points out where to get those and they are inexpensive. It's very visual and up front, with an object you'd not look twice at, which is fantastic. Is this effect for everyone? No, not really, it's good don't get me wrong, but I don't think it would suit everyone's patter.

This involves gimmicking a card case, however you can still use the card case and have the gimmick ready. It's very simple to make once you have everything you need and would take seconds to get ready. I would say this is the most country sensitive effect, much easier to perform in the UK than other countries, but given the right size coins and bottle caps it's possible in other countries. Two signed objects clearly switching places is strong, especially when one was seen to be put inside a box to stop any switch. The switch itself appears very visual and is probably one of the most visual coin switches possible. I think this is definitely more of a bar effect, however maybe wedding gigs if there's a few bottle caps laying around. I think it could be a nice little effect to add on.

The Key:
A much cheaper take on Richard Sander's effect. It is a great effect and quite strong I'd say. The key disappearing is good, but then seeing it on the shoe lace is wonderful. Without the ridiculous set up and price as well? Wonderful. It might not be a restaurant piece, but bar and strolling magic I could see it working for quite well.

Alan did record this video by himself, which I think is a shame when it comes to the coin matrix. I think it would have been better to record it with two people holding their hands out rather than using a mat. However Alan still walks you through the method very well and I don't think your learning will suffer one bit from it. And on that matter Alan is a good teacher of magic, it is all well explained so that you can completely understand it. Teaching you absolutely everything you need for it from how to hold a coin to how to tie your shoe laces. I think the price is quite good myself, especially for the first and last effect, which are my personal favourites.

I do recommend this video strongly to any close up workers for the coin matrix effect as I would say 80% of people who purchase this video will perform it, it truly is that workable.

Overall 8/10

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