Annihilation Deck DVD.

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Annihilation Deck DVD.

Postby Razzo » Sep 15th, '11, 10:58

Name:The Annihilation Deck

Author:Cameron Francis.


Publisher:Big Blind Media.




Out of 10:8

Contents. Annihilation Deck is one of those things that you will take EVERYWHERE. It requires no skill, yet packs a MASSIVE punch. And it's repeatable with a different selection each time, making it perfect for almost any situation. With this deck in your pocket you KNOW you can unleash a brain-melting miracle at any point... and you can relax and concentrate on making your performance scintillating and memorable. The deck does all the hard work for you!

The magician shows a deck of cards and states that it contains two predictions. A card is freely chosen (really!) and hidden. Nobody sees the face of the card (magician or spectator). The magician then runs through the deck and removes his two prediction cards, which he says will reveal the value and suit of the selection.

Let's say the two cards are the Five of Spades and the Queen of Diamonds. The selected card is turned face up. It is the Eight of Clubs - no relation to EITHER prediction. The experiment appears to have failed... until the Five and the Queen are turned face down.

One has an Eight drawn on its back and the other has a Club drawn on its back!

* Self working!
* Repeatable with ANY selected card!
* Instant reset!
* No duplicates!
* No forcing!
* No calculations!
* No peeks!
* No memory work!
* No secret marks on the back of the cards!
* No gimmicks!
* No rough & smooth!

* FREE USPCC Red Deck enclosed. Watch the DVD to learn how to make your own Annihilation Deck!


"BRILLIANT!!!! - After watching the demo, I had to get my hands on the e-book to see how it was done!"
- Stephen Tucker

"... this is a great effect that is powerful enough to be a closer... Two TTs way up!"
- Jordan Johnson

"Annihilation is great!"
- Steve Haynes

"Highly recommended."
- Scott F. Guinn

DVD ALSO features:

And the incredible Card At Any Number effect CONVERGENCE. The magician proposes an experiment in fate as he introduces two decks of card; one red & one blue. The blue deck is placed in front of a spectator and the magician never touches it again. The red deck is removed from its case and shown to have a different number written on the back of each card. A second spectator then names ANY card (Really!). We'll say it's the Two of Diamonds. This card is removed from the red deck. Another card is randomly selected, and the number on it's back is noted (let's say the number is 29).

The spectator now uncases the blue deck. He counts down 29 cards... The 29th card is the Two of Diamonds!

NO gimmicks or duplicates. Both decks and card cases may be completely examined. There is nothing to find!
NO crib sheets or complex charts
NO extra props. Just two decks and that's it!
NO complicated calculations
NO memorization
NO sleight of hand
NO estimation
The cards from the blue deck are dealt

Comments First off to perform Annihilation you have to make your own deck but this is easy to do. All you need is a sharpie a pencil and a deck of cards (preferably red) So its just as well the DVD is bundled with a Red Bicycle Deck. I agree with everything that they say. Its a great effect. There is no force whatsoever and as it says in the blurb it can be repeated with a different card. Reset is about 5 seconds and before anyone asks the deck can't be examined but don't let that put you off, this is a great effect. Not yet tried it out with Specs but I think it will go down well. There are some bonuses on the DVD i.e 3 different versions of Annihilation. Total annihilation which is the one Cameron Francis uses and will be the one I will use and Red hot annihilation which uses a mix of red and blue cards in the deck AKA Red Hot mama. There are other bonus effects. Convergence a lovely ACAAN. Do as I predict is another bonus effect that is excellent. The Magician takes two cards from his/Her pocket and puts them face down on the table and says they are two predictions. The spec shuffles the deck as often as he likes and then cuts it. The deck is spread and the Magician and the Spec take one card each. ITS A FREE CHOICE. The cards a laid face up and the two prediction cards are turned over all the cards match. Its a stunning effect there is a basic move so it shouldn't be a problem for the majority of you. By the way the reason I gave the DVD 8 out of 10 is because Cameron tends to rush the explanations at times but its just a small point.

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Re: Annihilation Deck DVD.

Postby Ste Porterfield » Sep 15th, '11, 11:15

Thanks for the review, mate.

Ste Porterfield
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Re: Annihilation Deck DVD.

Postby Razzo » Sep 15th, '11, 11:21

No problem fella. I actually made this up using a Green backed Bicycle deck, which works very well. It doesn't have to be Red.


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Re: Annihilation Deck DVD.

Postby Mr Grumpy » Sep 19th, '11, 20:10

Those who like this may also like Second Chance by Wayne Dobson, similar plot, in fact if I recall it's exactly the same plot but the revelation is on the back of one card rather than two.

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