Quartet - Guy Hollingworth

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Quartet - Guy Hollingworth

Postby theunknown » Dec 28th, '06, 16:19

My first review so bear with me...

The Effect
The quartet is a gimmick which can be used for many card tricks, mainly transformations and transpositions. The gimmick is accompanied by a booklet teaching 10 effects including: Twisting the Aces (kings turn around one by one until finally changing into aces) , Gamblers Dream (four indifferent cards change into a great poker hand and instantly back) and Reset (four aces and kings trade places and instantly reset) These are the ones which ultimately convinced me to by the book.

18 euros from the local, Finish, magic site. (about 12 pounds)

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
3/5 It is difficult to rate the difficulty because you can make it as difficult as you want. the tricks in the booklet are not too hard, consisting of only a couple of simple slights. But, you can always use the gimmick for your own effects or replace the slights in taught in the book with something more visual.

The Gimmick - The gimmick is very simple (which is always good) and can be applied to so many more effects than which are explained in the book. The only down side of it was the fact that i found the exact same thing in the bottom of my "box of tricks" along with other stuff which i had forgotten. But the tricks that came with it were some thing i never thought of doing with it and at least now i have a spare.
The Effects - the effects taught in the book are amazing and fairly visual. Although the effects are not original, they have simpler handlings and give unexpected endings to the well known tricks.

Over all, this was a successful purchase. it teaches some amazing effects and the gimmick can be used for many many more. the slights are quite easy and the gimmick is simple and unexpected. The only bad thing is the fact that none of the effects are "never before seen". I give this product 9/10

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Re: Quartet - Guy Hollingworth

Postby jon_kent » Sep 16th, '11, 07:23

Is that really you Tommy ???

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Re: Quartet - Guy Hollingworth

Postby Ste Porterfield » Oct 6th, '11, 02:23

What's with the influx of spam lately?

Is there not a security feature that needs enabling?

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Re: Quartet - Guy Hollingworth

Postby Mandrake » Oct 6th, '11, 15:25

Ste Porterfield wrote:Is there not a security feature that needs enabling?

It's enabled, just use the report button, or a PM, to draw Mods' attention and we'll get on it as soon as we log in - cheers!

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Re: Quartet - Guy Hollingworth

Postby Ste Porterfield » Oct 7th, '11, 09:44

Nice one. Will do.

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