tricks for truth multibuy.

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tricks for truth multibuy.

Postby magicdiscoman » Sat Jul 15, 2006 7:22 pm

The Effect

milk mug Cost £9.50
the choice is yours Cost £5.50
magic pallette - new version Cost £4.
mini kellar plumes Cost £8
fates finger Cost £1.25
Direct Vision Blindfold Cost £8.50

Difficulty 1 for all
(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

ok in order.

the milk mug is superb real glass plus an extra bit excelent value for money.

the choice, the purses are girly beaded types but well made the only real problem is the extra bit but as most will have there own favourate this will not be a problem and you could easily get away with a classic bill switch instead.

magic pallette simplicity in itself easy working and looks good its price, the printed cardboard look actualy enhances the colour change effect.
mini keller plumes :?: not like it shows in the picture, no instructions and only two plumes one fat one and one thin one.
that said using the fat plume and a tube some paper knapkins and a change bag i can make a desent effect up so no loss, plumes are good quality and value for money so not all bad.

fates finger, i was hoping for a plastic version but this one is more laminated paper, that said its beutifully printed and easily functional for the task.
at this price i say either get two and make your own middle or make up a mould and plastisize it.

direct vision blind fold, not what i was expecting but a qulity prop.

postage was exceptionaly quick from dispatch, i did wait for all the items to be in stock but i was happy to wait.


Postby iummydd » Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:04 am ... t=1&path=1

Made my laugh so hard...

To the guys that don't get it, it is originally called "The devil's Hanky", but it was changed to angel because it is a gospel magic site...

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Postby magicdiscoman » Sun Jul 16, 2006 1:45 am

why should the devil ahve all the good stuff. :lol:


Postby iummydd » Sun Jul 16, 2006 2:12 am

Angels got the levitation and fly shtick and bicycle cards
Jesus got the whole wine to water to coke trick and multiplying bread, fish and balls
Moses got the whole Fanstasio cane into what ever
And the devil gets a hanky that can vanish stuff in it

I think it's a good deal for the good guys, don't you? :)

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Re: tricks for truth multibuy.

Postby shouksmiths » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:02 pm

Tricks for Truth is sadly closed - Try Mission Magic

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Re: tricks for truth multibuy.

Postby DaveM » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:17 pm

You've replied to a post that was posted 5 years ago.

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