Double Bonus points on 5 Ideas by Pablo Amira

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Double Bonus points on 5 Ideas by Pablo Amira

Postby Gochos The Greek » Fri Oct 28, 2011 11:52 am

5 Ideas by Pablo Amira is only available at MagicTao. We are offering Double Reward Points for all order up and inclusive Monday 31St October." target="_blank

5 ideas is a collection of ideas from the mind of Pablo Amirá, a prolific author that shares his simple and direct methods to the magic and mentalism community. This is an E-Book sent as a PDF.

1. Action and Thought: Predict a participant’s thought as well as an action made by them.

Perfect for walkaround and for handing out your business card.

2. Chronoincidence: A Watch Routine that looks very clean.

One participant thinks of a time, another participant turns the stem of a watch.

The 2 times match. Nothing is written down.

3. Freud would be Proud: A no palm thought of card to pocket with a logical presentation and easy mechanics.

4. A journey in 80 seconds: A participant thinks of a country while he holds a coin.

The performer is able to reveal this thought and creates physical proof of the journey because the coin changes into the coin of the thought of country.

5. Bold Any Word Book Test: A simple method that allows you to create an "any word book test" with no expensive gimmicks.


Pablo is an uprising star in the field of mentalism,I love his thinking, it makes my juices flow.

Neal Scryer

My kind of thinking!

Kenton Knepper

Pablo, I like your material and

I loveyour work.


All of Pablo's work is great, very simple and direct.

Nick Belleas

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