Intuition Key by Pablo Amira

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Intuition Key by Pablo Amira

Postby jomarchan » Dec 28th, '11, 15:20

My Wife decided to buy me this for Christmas but she left the PDF and link details on her office Laptop and was not able to call back into the office until January which meant I could not have a look at the routine on Christmas day! A few emails to Pablo on Christmas day sorted this so thank you Pablo and thank you for the advice and comments you gave.
I had a Small private function to work at on Boxing day and I put this in to it. Twenty Four hours is not a long time to practice and perform a new piece and it is not to be recommended but I am familiar with the Seven Keys of Baldpate and I was confident I could pull this off. I used it as the penultimate Routine just before finishing with Rick Maues 'Fate'

This is a great routine based on The Seven keys to Baldpate but I think it is cleaner and a lot more Fun to do. It gave me pretty much a blank canvass to stamp my own personality on the routine which for me is Important. It can be as serious as you want it to be or you can even add a bit of Comedy in to it. I added a bit of comedy in to the first part which worked really well. Then the serious business came and it left my audience speechless.

Basically, without doing the piece an injustice you have a set of Keys (I had Nine) and a Padlock. The audience assistant tries all the keys in the padlock and confirms that none of them fit. That is because you have the real key inside your pocket! You show the audience and you can then give it to your helper to confirm that it is indeed the only key that fits in the lock. It is then placed with the other keys and mixed up so nobody knows where that key is. The assistant then first time manages to pick up the key that fits the lock. You can use pseudo Hypnosis, Hypnosis or any other means to do this. I just induced a light trance but again this really is not necessary.

There are extra things to buy in this such as padlock and keys but that is it. It is one of those routines that you can fit in your Jacket pocket and you could use it close up or a small stage.

I am really impressed with this and I hope to be using it on a regular basis.

Thank you Pablo.

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Re: Intuition Key by Pablo Amira

Postby Amira » Jan 26th, '12, 00:18

Thanks for the review !

Intuition Key it´s a real worker that can be a solution for many performers.

No gimmicks, simple mechanics and a dramatic piece of mentalism

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