Naked Mentalism

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Re: Naked Mentalism

Postby UndergroundSvengali » Oct 17th, '11, 21:43

I have left the NBT and modified it to a straight mind reading method.
Any place, any object, any name, even shape or just any random word.
Inspired by trying to duplicate Derren brown's method he performs in talk shows.
Naked mentalism opened my eyes, I kind of pat myself in the back for seeing what wasnt there. (my sense of achievement comes from not understanding mentalism at all in my youth years and always passing forces as mental abilities)

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Re: Naked Mentalism

Postby jakubr » Oct 30th, '11, 14:29

It's a great book for any serious mentalist. Especially that the effects are so impromptu. I like it a lot.
nameless, Slight of Mind is something different, it's different techniques that you would learn there, but it's also a great book, I think you would enjoy both of them.

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Re: Naked Mentalism

Postby ej16 » Nov 1st, '11, 23:30

Naked Mentalism 3 sound brilliant.

Thanks for the review

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Re: Naked Mentalism

Postby Karma » Feb 25th, '12, 20:05

Just finished the first book, very interesting indeed.

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Re: Naked Mentalism

Postby shubham shekhar6 » Nov 17th, '15, 17:51

Sir Jon Thompson pls accept my respects to you.... Nm is awesome.... Naked book test is great... I m a great fan of your writing style you add many clever cold reading with primes....... and the best thing is that lulu. Com offers lot of discount on the books ..... I ordered my nm2 for 15 bucks and is eager to read it.

shubham shekhar6
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Re: Naked Mentalism

Postby Magic1Jim » Jan 31st, '19, 14:30

I've just bought volumes 1,2 and 3 of these. Collecting them tonight :-)

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