Paul Voodini - Stage Tarot Reading

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Paul Voodini - Stage Tarot Reading

Postby Ant » Sat Apr 07, 2012 7:52 pm

If you have not taken advantage of this excellent Easter offer then do so, really do it!

This ten page pdf outlines a simple routine for performing a tarot reading from the stage however any mentalist would be able to incorporate this in to their act if they saw fit. I am already thinking of ways to utilise this at parties and how the subtleties can be applied to other scenario's and routines and at £1.80 can you really afford not to get it?

The thing I particularly like about this booklet is the interaction of the volunteer with the audience and as stated this can easily be modified to psychometry, body reading or any number of cold reading techniques if you so desired.

It is no secret I adore most of Paul's work and this is no exception, there are a couple of reason's for this;

Paul actually perform's to people, he does not just talk about it, this means his stuff works.
He does not approach things from a magician mindset but from the mindset of a performer and entertainer.
Last but not least, everything I have bought has been ridiculously good value for money.

Thanks Paul.


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Re: Paul Voodini - Stage Tarot Reading

Postby themagicwand » Sat Apr 07, 2012 10:31 pm

Thanks Ant. Glad you like it. I'm actually quietly chuffed with this presentation angle - it takes all the heat off the performer which allows you to concentrate on engaging and entertaining the audience. I'm all for making the performer's life as easy as possible, and I think this routine achieves that.

The £1.80 offer is valid through Easter only. It ends on Monday night. for details...

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Re: Paul Voodini - Stage Tarot Reading

Postby DrTodd » Sun Apr 08, 2012 5:49 am

I had the good fortune of seeing Paul do this at the Milton Theatre in Huddersfield and it is really great. It is entertaining and made for a great segment in the evening show. His writing is clear and practical experience well earned!

Dr Todd

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