TonyB - A pocketful of miracles

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TonyB - A pocketful of miracles

Postby Alfred Borden » Jun 26th, '12, 23:52

Firstly I would like to thank Tony for his generosity in sending me a copy to review, and apologise for the length of time it has taken me to review - sorry Tony

I found this a very difficult DVD to review, Tony must be congratulated for putting together a DVD whereby he entertains a group of very lively eight year olds for one hour!

Anyone that has performed for children will know how difficult that is! And to make things more difficult Tony uses the bare minimum, which is the object of the DVD, "the ultimate pack small, plays big!"

Amongst others, Tony performs classic's like "six card repeat", and "sponge balls", he also shows us a lively ten minutes with a handkerchief and ten minutes with a balloon!

Tony is a very confident performer, and clearly enjoys what he does, the children largely enjoy the show

The reason I said at the top, that I was finding the item difficult to review was, mine and Tony's styles are just so different, Tony wears a very loud, floral, colourful suit, and uses minimal props. I prefer to dress more formally and use bigger props, and a lot of the classics

Some of the humour was lost a little on me as well, not sure whether children in England would appreciate it as much

On the second DVD Tony offers some useful advice on controlling children, especially if you are new to this, he also explains the effects and other advice

I really enjoyed the stuff with the dog, and I would hazard a guess this is the highlight of the show Tony?

Like I say, because I could never see myself performing like this, almost impossible for me to sum up, but 2 DVD's for £16, who can argue with that value?

Hope it goes well Tony

Are you watching closely? Then I'll begin...
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