Hi from an amateur

Come and let everyone know a little about yourselves

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Hi from an amateur

Postby mismatchgaz » Jul 30th, '12, 10:53

Hey folks
I came across this forum after talking to someone my local magic shop and decided to take a look.
I've only recently started learning "magic", i put it like that as by magic i mean proper techniques and sleights.
As with alot of people i've had a fascination with magic for a while now but recently saw some street performances from Daniel Garcia and was blown away with a new style of tricks i'd not encountered before. It seemed like card magic with a modern twist (Alot of these performances i then discovered were using the ultragaff deck).
So i began doing some research and reading and here i am.
I am to start with the very basics and dabble in a few aspects of classic magic first and then progress from there.

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Re: Hi from an amateur

Postby Mandrake » Jul 30th, '12, 12:46

Hi and welcome to TalkMagic!

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Re: Hi from an amateur

Postby Stephen Ward » Jul 30th, '12, 14:03

Welcome to the wonderful World of Talk Magic

Stephen Ward
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Re: Hi from an amateur

Postby mr invisible » Jul 30th, '12, 14:20

Hi and welcome.. Have a nice stay with TM. Regards Garry :D

Is magic really real ??
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Re: Hi from an amateur

Postby Aza » Jul 30th, '12, 22:48

Welcome to the friendliest, helpfullest, knowledgeablest forum on the internet (yeah they're magic words, you may not have encountered them yet!)

Nice to see new people taking up magic!!

I hope you enjoy your stay here, I'm pretty much new around these parts, but have never felt more welcome, nurtured and learned, by so many wonderful, intelligent people!!

Much love


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Re: Hi from an amateur

Postby Magus » Jul 31st, '12, 09:29

Hi Gaz, welcome to talkmagic! :)

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