Real Mind Readers Seminar

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Real Mind Readers Seminar

Postby Caligari » Sep 1st, '12, 15:42

Real Mind Readers Seminar - 25th August, 2012
Location: York Royal Hotel
Hosted by: Luke Jermay, Paul Voodini and Chris Rawlins.
Ticket price: £30

First of all, at the more than reasonable and sensible request of the hosts, I'm not going to give you any of the specific information about exactly what was covered on this well-organised and miraculously cheap course. What I will say is that if you've got a spare £30 kicking around and the hosts decide to do it again, snap their hands off. This is excellent, top flight stuff of the kind that's often missing from the types of lecture/extended sales pitches that happen at many magic groups up and down the country. The trio made a real effort to tailor what was on offer to the needs of those present - it was exactly what I was after.

Without going into too much detail, Jermay lectured on his view of what's important in mentalism and really highlighted the need to actually make our audiences care about what we do and the methods by which to achieve this. In addition evidence of his wisdom and experience was peppered throughout the day with often unplanned explorations of the different issues that arose. Best of all, from my perspective, was his lecture on Q&A routines. As he reminds us, his long residency in Las Vegas where he performed Q&A every night for around five years, gives him possibly more practical experience of doing this than any other performer. And, as anybody who has seen him perform can attest, his methods work spectacularly. It is no surprise that he's been advisor to Derren Brown, Dynamo and pretty much any other big performer in recent years.

I'm a big fan of Voodini's work and find his origins in the 'shut eye' world make for a refreshing and unusual approach to mentalism. That said, having read much of his work I have often (like many I suppose) felt some of his techniques were a little beyond my abilities - a little too far out of my comfort zone. Having finally seen him in action, practically demonstrating his ideas I have totally revised my opinion. This is in fact highly practical stuff, admittedly using techniques that come more from the world of the 'real' psychics or mediums rather than our more familiar methods, but boy does it work well. He makes an important distinction between those that use these techniques genuinely believing that their results have an otherwordly origin and those who use the deceptions we're more familiar with to pass themselves off as psychic while having no belief in the spirits at all. However, he gives a perfect demonstration that whether you believe or not, these methods do work. In addition, he's a very engaging performer and I recommend seeing him as soon as you can.

As the third and perhaps least well known of the lecturers, Chris Rawlins was no less impressive. He has an inventive and keen mind, and has created some wonderfully deceptive new peeks, uses for dual reality and for influencing and managing audience members, individually, or as a group. As a lecturer his approach is very open and cooperative, offering techniques to be adapted to suit the performer's own style, rather than putting out a routine as if to say, "this is how I do it, therefore it's the best way." It works well. His methods are bold, direct and very effective, making him a perfect fit with his two more experienced colleagues.

The lecture in total ran to about six and a half hours and I know that I'll be mining this seam for a long time to come. Brilliant.

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Re: Real Mind Readers Seminar

Postby themagicwand » Sep 7th, '12, 15:17

Thanks for the kind words! I had a great day, and I'm delighted you enjoyed it too. Thanks for taking the time to review the seminar.

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