Joshua Jay - The Complete course

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Joshua Jay - The Complete course

Postby Alfred Borden » Sep 4th, '11, 03:44

The Effect
Over 100 magic tricks, including cards, money, napkins, and many everyday objects! The book also comes with a DVD which shows around 30 of the tricks and is 2 hours long!

I paid under £10 from Amazon

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
Massive range, most probably 1-4, but maybe 1-5

I really enjoyed this product and along with Bobo and RRTCM was the first purchase I made from Amazon. It is a fantastic start for anyone, and there is plenty for everyone, it includes what Joshua calls "the ten greatest card tricks of all time" and there a lovely Sven and ID routine as was as the beautiful Out of this World
Joshua covers many areas in this book, including a short section on kids magic as well which is quite nice. He has a section with everyday office stuff for impromtu at work stuff as well.

There really is a huge amount covered in this book and at under £10, imo represents great value for money

Given the price I have to say 10/10

Are you watching closely? Then I'll begin...
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Alfred Borden
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Re: Joshua Jay - The Complete course

Postby AA 14 » Nov 27th, '12, 21:18

Recently got hold of a copy of this, it really is good.

Yes there are some very nice effects in here, as the OP says the Sven and ID routines are excellent. There is a lot of info on thinking about the effects you do, how you do them and involving the audience.

There are also extra tips {Masterclass} on most effects and credits to the inventors wherever possible, which is always good. There are also various mentions of famous magicians, both current and past.

Along with Mark Wilsons book, this must be on any beginners list.

10/10 from me too.

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