Trinity System video - lol

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Trinity System video - lol

Postby Chris » Dec 3rd, '12, 15:55

this is funny for those of your who have seen/heard of the Trinity System.

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Re: Trinity System video - lol

Postby Jean » Dec 3rd, '12, 23:12

Calling them 'bands' is a pretty effective 'bleep'hole.

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Re: Trinity System video - lol

Postby magicdiscoman » Dec 4th, '12, 12:14

bit over the top and then some is there just one company with a monopoly on producing l**ps (don't want to get sued) :D or are there others who cant say l**ps. :?:

didn't microsoft try to take other windows manufacturers to court for brand infringment, whats next burger king taking macdonalds to court for using the word b**g*r. :)


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