Mental Visions

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Mental Visions

Postby Tony Baker » Dec 4th, '12, 12:44

Hi Guys,

I'm new to Talk Magic and wondered if anyone has edited by Moderator, I bought this electronic kit 2 weeks ago
and it's absolutely amazing. my head is exploding with ideas for routines and i must say it's the best device in Magic iv'e
purchased for a long time it's so versatile and can be used in so many ways, it comes with two great routines but i have
come up with a few of my own. If anyone has this please let me know as i would like to hear your thoughts about it and
any ideas you have for it. Iv'e just heard there are 2 of these on special offer, but they may have been sold by now anyway
I highly Recommend this to any Magician or Mentalist it's amazing here is the link for those who have not heard about it
Link removed I must point out i have no connection with this effect
whatsoever, i just had to let people know about it as it's the best thing iv'e seen on the magic market for a long time :D

Tony Baker

Re: Mental Visions

Postby kevmundo » Dec 4th, '12, 13:25

Are you suuuuuuurrrrre you're not connected to it???? I think you're telling porky pies! And if its the best thing you've seen on the market in years you obviously haven't heard of Promystic. Maybe make 100 worthwhile contributions to TM and people may listen to you!

K ;)

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Re: Mental Visions

Postby Rob » Dec 4th, '12, 13:34


I'll say this only once: please do NOT post any further links for this item. You have made two, virtually identical promotional posts, since joining - please read our rules, and the go to the Introductions area, to le t us know a little about yourself, if you are - indeed - a genuine member...

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Re: Mental Visions

Postby Tony Baker » Dec 4th, '12, 13:41

Hi Kevmundo,

Yes of course iv'e heard of Promystic and also seen a lot of their products in action and they are fantastic but they are expensive
although worth every penny in my opinion. I didn't have the funds to pay out for Promystic products so i took a chance on product name removed by Moderator after seeing reviews and I'm pleased i did. i don't really care if people want to listen or not
it dosent make any difference to me, i just thought it would be useful to recommend a product I'm very happy with especially with a
lot of the complete rubbish out there most of which iv'e bought in the past but learned my lesson.

Tony Baker

Re: Mental Visions

Postby Lawrence » Dec 4th, '12, 14:23

Anyone else getting an issue with line breaks on this chap's posts?
Seems.... odd

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Re: Mental Visions

Postby Tony Baker » Dec 4th, '12, 14:36

Profanity and personal attack removed by Mods

Tony Baker

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