Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby Alfred Borden » Nov 25th, '12, 23:29

Allen's funeral was Friday, the church seated around 70 people I think, there must have been around the same standing

Was a touching service

Barbara showed me the flowers that had been sent courtesy of TM and they were lovely, she sends her regards

I will be putting together all the forums messages and presenting them in a way...well I'm not quite sure...any suggestions?

Anything much appreciated

And thanks to everyone for their generosity

Are you watching closely? Then I'll begin...
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Alfred Borden
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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby Mandrake » Nov 25th, '12, 23:30

Thank you for the update.

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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby Ste Porterfield » Dec 7th, '12, 15:20

I am very sad to return to the forum to this news.

Rest in Peace, Allen.

Ste Porterfield
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Re: Allen Tipton RIP - Broken Wand

Postby neal austin » Dec 13th, '12, 00:11

I only knew of Allen through the pages of these online forums. He always went out of his way to be as helpful and encouraging as anyone could be without ever being over bearing or appearing to post his thoughts and opinions merely to be seen and heard. He came across as being a truly altruistic contributor to this and other forums. Although I never knew him other than from reading his posts I'm am saddened to learn of his death. I believe magic could do with more people like Allen.

neal austin
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