Power over pencil 2

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Power over pencil 2

Postby UndergroundMark » Jul 12th, '05, 18:36

Here is my second try at it. Sorry i had to do it on the run and didnt have time to think up the patter i had like 60seconds to do this then i had to leave but anyway i did it from a different angle and would like your input. I know it is simple and easy to do but im working on becoming an expert at all the basics then ill move on.


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Postby katrielalex » Jul 12th, '05, 18:48

It's OK but I have a couple of points.

1) Is this possible to do for a speccy? If it's done the way I think it's done, then you'd need to find a book and balance the pencil, then hope for lots of ambient noise.

2) You stopped moving your hands when you did the secret move (;)) so I knew something was going to happen. Either keep moving your hands or don't move them at all...

3) Seems to me it'd be pretty obvious to a spectator - IMHO try doing this a different way, e.g. magnets - that might confuse them a bit more.

Apart from that though, a nice clean effect :).


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Postby maRk tHE mAGicK » Jul 14th, '05, 11:59

This is an old trick

I never saw a purpose for this, then I started doing it with a cigarette on a table. Then I bought Banacheks PSI 4 vol. series.

I recommend you watch it, if thats not where you learnt it. He can "do the move" and his head is turned away as though concentrating, and he does it on a table.

This is astounding if the presentation is strong. Nice one, hope you put it into practise, and DON'T rush it for the real thing ;)


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