Gold dust by Paul Gordon

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Gold dust by Paul Gordon

Postby Relish » Dec 30th, '12, 18:40

If youre a fan of card magic and youre not already aware of the name Paul Gordon, i would suggest you check his website. Pauls Dvds have been highly recommended on TM, and i was deciding which ones to get myself for xmas, when i saw that he was publishing a book. Gold dust is a massive collection of Paul Gordons best work, and the website has links to lots of the routines being performed on youtube so you get an idea of the standard of his work

Needless to say, i bought the book, or this wouldnt be a review!

(This review isnt the place or a book vs dvd discussion, so ill just say that i realise some people learn in different ways and so i can see why some would prefer the dvds)

The Book
The book itself was delivered quickly and looks extremely professional. It has gold writing embossed onto the cover and looks really nice on any bookshelf. In my opinion its also a nice size to carry and this makes it easy to read anywhere (bus / desk at work etc)

The Effects / Review
With 150 effects, where do i start? There are so many routines here that you will be spoiled for choice. I was initially concerned as there are a few 'key' moves that i can do yet (palming for example) but i emailed Paul directly and he responded explaining that there would only be a few routines that i wouldnt be able to do, amazing customer service.

There really are a massive variety of types of routines here, and the first routine (which is self working) has already fooled my friends and family. Im about half way through the book so far and already have 6 or 7 routines which i am learning and more that i plan on trying after learning these. There are so many ideas and routines that im certain everyone will find loads of things that they will use. Although the majority of the book is the routines, there is also a sleights section at the rear with good descriptions and plenty of clear photographs.

My only small criticism is that i prefer books which begin each trick with a synopsis of the effect. This book starts with a small history of the routine and then heads straight into the effect description.

£50 from Paul directly,

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

1-5, something for every ability level

Overall this is one of my favourite purchases ive made in a long time. £50 isnt cheap, but this is only the price of a few '1 trick dvds' and theres so much material here. Head over to Pauls site now and have a look at some of the demos, and see what you think. 9/10

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Re: Gold dust by Paul Gordon

Postby kevmundo » Dec 30th, '12, 20:44

Just had a quick peek at the website and it certainly does look like a beautifully presented book. There's lots of effects there and as a body of work goes it looks very impressive. On a personal level, I own RRTCM, the Encyclopedia of Card Magic, some Simon Aronson stuff, a few dealer items plus lots of speciality decks - not to mention tonnes of DVD's and PDF's with card effects in them. I have promised myself that if I ever attempt to buy another book on card magic, I will stab myself in the hand so that I can never usefully hold a deck of bikes ever again!

I can't remember who it was, (some master like Dai Vernon) but he once heard a guy say he knew a hundred card tricks and he replied that he only ever knew 8, but he knew them really well, and they were rather good. As much as I want to click buy, I know that I'd just be feeding my obsession of obtaining a never ending collection of card stuff that I probably won't ever bother to learn well. I need to stick to what I've got and master some of the gems amongst them. I do hope you get lots of enjoyment out of this book though, it certainly looks like a really great collection.


K :D

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Re: Gold dust by Paul Gordon

Postby Johnny Wizz » Dec 31st, '12, 13:48

So far as Card Magic is concerend Paul Gordon is right up there for me. I have one of his books and his last double DVD and there is some superb stuff on there.

The stuff really does cross over all levels of ability. Some of it is pretty daunting to someone like me, other tricks are very do-able and really let you work on performance.

Pauls own performance is immaculate. He has style and class.

He also does a very nice line in Pacet Tricks. Corner Of Piccadilly is my favourite and is a complete mystery to the spectator. I know that he usually has a stand at Blackpool where he dems tricks and always when I have been there attracts a crowd.

This book is on my shopping list and I expct to pick it up at Blackpool - this is just because I have promised myself to buy NOTHING more before Blackpool!!!

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Re: Gold dust by Paul Gordon

Postby Paul Gordon » Dec 31st, '12, 14:27

Thanks fellas. Very kind words indeed. All truly appreciated. I'm really moved by the comments and reviews that I have received. Gold Dust is now my best selling book ever. I'm very proud of it, too. It contains my very best card magic ever. And, it looks stunning... Imho. :)

Each and every trick is a worker and has been for years. Do check the promo video at

Cheers PG

Paul Gordon
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Re: Gold dust by Paul Gordon

Postby Mandrake » Jan 19th, '13, 20:19

A post was made recently suggesting that some of the material in this book can be found in others of Pail's works. Paul has confirmed that where there are instances of this, the versions in Gold Dust are enhanced or improved versions and the whole book is intended as a compendium anyway.
On that basis, we've removed the full text of the earlier post as it will be misleading.

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Re: Gold dust by Paul Gordon

Postby tellemakko » Jan 19th, '13, 22:00

I think that is great but it was not necesary delete my post

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Re: Gold dust by Paul Gordon

Postby Mandrake » Jan 19th, '13, 22:36

Moderators' decisions are final and are taken only after all due consideration.

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