TMTV - Free Downloads Policy Update

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TMTV - Free Downloads Policy Update

Postby support » Jun 26th, '13, 18:57

Hi folks

I hope you are all well and enjoying the rather excellent forum that you have all helped to create!

In an attempt to encourage people to write reviews for the TMTV download products, I came up with the idea of paying back the reviewer 10% of the purchase price for each sale that followed their review. Having made the first payment of 100% of the purchase price, the recipient posted how pleased they were with this scheme. However, following this post, artychris pointed out how this may cause biased reviews to start appearing.

Whilst we only ever asked for honest reviews and certainly didn't even imply that they had to be positive, I can see that clearly a pay per sale scheme is likely to influence the positivity of the review.

As a result I have decided to withdraw this scheme with immediate effect!

I do, however, have an alternative idea which I hope will be more appropriate -> A refund of 30% of the purchase price will be issued for every authorised review that is posted (only one person will be authorised in advance of writing the review for each item). The review must be completely honest... and should contain a rating of 1/10 to 10/10 and of course conform to our reviews template.

If anyone has any other comments regarding the new downloads facility, please let me know here or by PM! (Any problems you have had, if you have had a good or a bad experience, any improvements you would like to see etc...).

Best wishes as ever

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