TRAP by Alex Pandrea

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TRAP by Alex Pandrea

Postby Johnny Wizz » Dec 3rd, '13, 14:38

Has anyone got this torn and restored effect? The advertising video looks impossible so is probably cut about. I just wondered how good this looks in real life

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Re: TRAP by Alex Pandrea

Postby Marco » Dec 3rd, '13, 23:30

I purchased this earlier today, and after watching the full performance on the download, I can tell you that there are a couple of cuts made for the trailer. However, one move that is cut out from the trailer is so easy to hide (even without the misdirection of them ripping the card) that even if the camera in the trailer burned Mr. Pandrea's hands, you'd miss it. The other cut was probably made so that the trailer wasn't too long, as there is a moment of talking between the performer and the spectator, between them handing the signed card to you and you giving it to them to tear. However, to the spectator, this is an offbeat, chatty moment and does not suggest anything fishy whatsoever.

As for how the restoration plays for the spectator's eyes, if you practice it a bit and get it down seamlessly, there really is nothing to see apart from the two pieces seemingly melting together.

I'm usually very sceptical with trailers that have numerous cuts in, but this one was true to its word and I'm very happy with the purchase.


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