Nothing and Multiplicity by Max Maven

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Nothing and Multiplicity by Max Maven

Postby Amira » Mar 23rd, '11, 13:45

Review : Nothing and Multiplicity by Max Maven

Mr. Maven don't need an introduction for any reader of this blog. One of my inspiration in this art.

Yesterday I received 2 DVDs from him (thanks Tom!). One of them is an old release and the other one his latest DVD.

Nothing and Multiplicity.

Nothing: $100 approx.
Multiplicity: $75 approx.

Original description:
You can read it in :

1.Nothing: ... ts_id=2360
2. Multiplicity: ... ts_id=2740

My opinions:

I. Nothing:

Nothing is a 2 DVD Set that is separated in :

First DVD:
Basic and extended performance (one of the effects teached didnt fit the exact criteria of the show, so that one is edited from the basic performance),and option to access to each routine, Discussion with Michael Weber, and a GREAT section in which you can hear Max analyse each part of the performance and what happens inside of his head during each routine.

No explanation of the effects in this DVD. The theme in the act is "Coincidences" , so you will find only one "mindreading" piece at the end, the magazine test.
You can find 2 easter eggs in this disc. The first one is in the Tommy Wonder´s "Vision of Wonder" ad from "Other L&L DVD´s". You just need to press "UP" and you will hear Max talks about the easter eggs.

The second one is the "real" easter egg, just find Alex Emsley´s DVD promotion in the same section and press "UP". You will hear Max introducing Mr. Falanga and say F%·K.
Very funny.

Second DVD:

In this DVD you can find an "Easy and Quick" explanation of the effects ( VERY FUNNY) and the real explanation of the effects.
I must say that although the effects aren´t breathtaking new ideas ( in fact I think that almost all ideas are subtle modifications of pre-existing effects as Max saids) the thinking behind each effect is supreme. Simple and Direct.

The theme for this DVD is an act that you can do almost without any prior preparation and gimmicks and you can see that in the performances.
A few props, no classic methodologies but very good ideas in general

I will review each effect in a very short manner:

1. Disposable Color : From the Blue Book of Mentalism , a real classic idea . I even explain this piece time ago to my father after a show . He smiles and shake my hand for the simplicity and genius thinking behind. If a laymen can appreciatte the thinking behind an effect, surely is a good piece.

2. The Nile Derivation : An great modification in the Nile Divination from Annemann. Max creates a more direct and simple method for this piece.

3. Synchrostic: A 2 watch coincidence effect using 2 borrowed watches. Surprisingly for me
this is VERY similar to one of my own effects from "Mysteries Anywhere 2".
I like very much this idea, basically because I discovered a very similar idea independently as well.

4.Just Chintz: A very clean and fun "Bank Night/Just Chance" effects . Completely hands off. A dice is used for the selection of the envelopes/bags. You will always get the price and your participant other things that you planned beforehand.
Max gives us some thinking behind this effect and why sometimes this type of effects can be a little offensive for some audiences.
As a bonus you will learn a "Diceless" handling. Very clever.

5. Psychometier: Nothing groundbreaking in methodology in this piece. Is a classic psychometry routine with bigger envelopes and a nice climax moment and a clever subtlety that disconnects the logical method of this effect.

6.Para-Sight: Honestly, I didnt like this. Is a magazine test in which I really think that the method needs to be more cover . Even if the audience doesnt know the exact methodology ,is very easy for them to came up with a possible method.
Time ago I saw a magician to do a VERY poor book test using a similar idea, and after the performance some persons told me : "That´s obvious...he memorizes the pages".
Memorizing a magazine can be a feat itself ,but when presented as a mindreading can create some difficulties

You can find only one easter egg in this disc.
Go to the Eugene Burger´s DVD in the section "Other L&L DVD´s" and press "UP".
You will see one more time the endless discussion about the correct pronunciation of the word "Equivoque".
Just for that reason I always called that procedure "Verbal Control".

Rate: 8,5/10

A nice package, nice video editions, and a great new look to Max Maven´s ideas
Recommended for any student of mentalism

II. Multiplicity:

If you are interested in learn more about Verbal Control, Mul··"%le O&t , and other
CLEVER subleties , buy this DVD.

In here ( and ready in any DVD) the important factors aren´t in the effects but in the thinking behind.
You will see Verbal Control in action with a lot of performances with different premises( hours, flags, coins, bills, etc) and after that some exploration in ambiguity applied with other techniques for different results.

Just the conversations and the interactions between Max and Eugene are worth the price. Seeing Eugene be amazed ( I hate the word "fool") by some of the ideas is very refreshing.

Rate: 9,5/10

An excellent DVD, and maybe my favorite now. One criticism is the editing work. Looks weird,especially the beginning.

If you want to watch it completely... prepare a bottle of water ( or Coke) and even an orinal, because this DVD is LONG ( 3 hours 15 minutes)

Thanks Max for your ideas.

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Postby Antera » May 17th, '11, 15:01

Re Multiplicity

The deady mix of equivoke and outs is one of my interests and multiplicity certainly addresses this. This is aimed at Magicians and Mentos and one gripe is that Max is getting lazy with his explanations
. You have to figure a lot of stuff out which is not really on as what is obvious to him is not obvious to everyone and some shortcuts have been taken here

What is really needed is some scientific work done on say a four card layout and what card is prefered as first choice . . I even heard Daryl once state that the second card in from the right is taken 95% of the time. Well that aint true and im wondering if anyone has done a real study of this type of choice probablity . Anyway Max does offer good insight into aspects of this work but more tips would have helped

Anwyay overall its a good Vid and better than " Nothing" which was pretty bland.

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Re: Nothing and Multiplicity by Max Maven

Postby kevmundo » Sep 12th, '12, 12:26

Can someone assist me who has this set. I've read on some of the message boards that several explanations are missing for some of the effects, notably, the brick/feather in the two bags. Now I assume that Maven just gives you ideas for mxxxxxxe oxxs and then you develop the rest. I'm more than happy with this. However, there is an effect he does called 'leap of fake.' It just looks incomprehensible to me and I'd literally pay the price of the DVD just for that one effect. If you own this can you tell me if there is an explanation for it on the DVD. If there isn't, and I buy it, you will hear me scream from wherever you are in the world!! :D

I'm torn between this and Osterlind's live without a net as my Christmas present! :?:

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Re: Nothing and Multiplicity by Max Maven

Postby Lenoir » Sep 12th, '12, 13:38

I've got it somewhere...can't remember the Leap of Fake effect...if you describe the routine on here or by PM I'll be sure to remember if it is explained or at least if the info given leads you to being able to perform it.

"I want to do magic...but I don't want to be referred to as a magician." - A layman chatting to me about magic.
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Re: Nothing and Multiplicity by Max Maven

Postby kevmundo » Sep 12th, '12, 13:54

Many thanks, PM'd you! :D

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Re: Nothing and Multiplicity by Max Maven

Postby Johnny Bravo » Dec 18th, '13, 20:37

Just got this today & am engrossed.

Mr Mavin comes across far better in this than usual with more humour & humaness than I've found in his other DVDs.

Yes there is a section where a lot of quick effects are shown, all using the same basic mxxxxxxe oxxs & MM doesn't go into any explanations on these.
Unfortunately it would appear that a lot of the time the spec (all seemingly L&L Publishing staff) have either been told what to choose or they have used the edit with the easiest choice as 9/10 the spec seems to pick the one item that is needed to be picked first time.
I would have liked to have seen more of MM using the mxxxxxxe oxxs & his wording & moves to get where he wanted to be, still am only half way through, just paused for a quick ciggie break :-(

Recommended defiantly.

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