[PDF] Inevitable by Brian Caswell

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[PDF] Inevitable by Brian Caswell

Postby Replicant » Dec 11th, '09, 16:14

Inevitable by Brian Caswell


The Effect
"In this effect the behaviour of a spectator is predicted not once, but three times over. Your spectator examines a blank faced deck of cards. On six of the cards you have drawn symbols - two cards with a circle, two with a square and two with a cross.

She observes you position three different symbols cards at various locations inside the pack of blank cards. The deck is then turned face down and she is asked to position the matching three symbol cards face down at various places in the deck. She is given complete freedom where she places her three cards.

This completed, you explain that you are not now going to pick up the deck and do a lot of jiggery pokery or sleight of hand with it, because this is not a trick. We like to think our actions are under our control, or at least maybe just random. But actually our behaviour is curiously predictable.

You simply turn the deck face up and spread the cards across the table. Each time she placed a symbol right next to one of yours. But not only that, astonishingly, each of the pairs match precisely.

This version of the card matching effect has a number of points to recommend it. Three matches make a big effect, the ESP symbols give a strong mentalism feel, you are completely clean at the end, there is no tell-tale evidence that the effect was anything other than entirely genuine, there are no gaffs of any type, it's easy to do, and the only requirements are a blank deck and a marker pen to draw on the symbols.

You can view the performance video here


from Alakazam

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)


For your money, get you a 3-page PDF file. It's short and doesn't contain any illustrations (none needed, really), but is well-written, easy to follow and concise, which is more than I can say for other PDFs I have purchased.

Image Image
(Stills taken from the above performance video)

Inevitable plays exactly like it reads. There are virtually no sleights to speak of and all props can be handed out for examination (both prior to and after the performance), if you are that way inclined. No gaffs and nothing added or taken away. All you need is a blank-faced deck and a permanent marker to prepare the six cards. Simples!

If, like me, you're a bit of an ESP junkie, then you should enjoy performing Inevitable. Even if you're not, this is one of those effects that can easily be adapted to suit whatever style of effect you wish to achieve. You don't have to use the ESP angle if you don't want to because the method allows for a multitude of presentations. Basically, you can draw whatever you want on the six cards.

Presentation-wise, this really is limited by your imagination. Inevitable is one of those rare tricks that is suitable for close-up performances, you could put a mental twist on it, or you could perform it strolling or at restaurants. There's no reset to speak of and you could perform this at different tables without fear of detection. As usual, though, I wouldn't recommend repeat performances for the same crowd, although I guess you could perform it twice without too much of a risk.

Brian credits Ronald Wohl (Ravelli) and Simon Aronson.

When compared to the likes of Mindblasters 1 and 2 and Switchcraft, then obviously one-trick PDFs like this will inevitably come off as poor value-for-money. £9 is a fair amount to pay for a trick of this nature, but it really is a good effect that is easy to perform and flexible in its presentation. Personally, I do not play it like a card trick but prefer to emphasise the ESP side of things and the power of suggestion, etc. You get the gist. I've had some very favourable responses to this one. For that reason, I would recommend it.

Brian Caswell has released some excellent material (Trilogy, Cataclysm) and I shall be following his work with interest.

Score: 9/10

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Postby gypsyfish » Dec 12th, '09, 01:35

Can this be done with business cards?

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Postby Replicant » Dec 12th, '09, 11:25

Don't see why not. Providing you have a sufficient number on you (40-50), you could do an impromptu version. You'd have to practice the handling, mind. I don't think business cards handle as nicely as your average Bicycle deck. ;)

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Re: [PDF] Inevitable by Brian Caswell

Postby dgmagic » Feb 23rd, '12, 21:16

This is a great effect with business cards!

As said before, all you need is about 40-50 business cards and a marker pen/sharpie. Depending on the design of your business cards there's a little something you can do which I have found very useful when placing their 'marker' card back in the deck business cards!

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Re: [PDF] Inevitable by Brian Caswell

Postby Johnny Bravo » Jan 6th, '14, 17:21

Just to add to this topic, this is a great little trick, you can have the 6 ESP cards off to one side until needed & this can be done with a regular deck quite easily.

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