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Oxford Area

Postby Johnny Wizz » Jun 12th, '13, 15:16

Would anybody be interested in a meet in the Oxford area? There must be some magicians in Oxford other than me!! I am happy to set everything up, there are plenty of potential venues, let me know if you are interested.

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Johnny Wizz
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Re: Oxford Area

Postby Dan Q » Jan 29th, '14, 15:39

*watches tumbleweed*

If you heard from anybody else, give me a shout. I'm based in Oxford, but I'm a long, long time out of the game. Dusting off the old wand and trying to remember which way up to hold a deck of cards...

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Dan Q
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Re: Oxford Area

Postby artychris » Jan 30th, '14, 00:46

Oxford is not so far from London... If there's a beer and some magic, I'm try and be there...

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