Joker Tube Review

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Joker Tube Review

Postby DWmagic » Sep 30th, '05, 15:23

The effect
Three balls are seen in a clear plastic tube in stop light order. The balls are taken out and placed on the table. You then cover the clear plastic tube with a white tube. You place the balls in the tube with green at the bottom, yellow in the middle, and red on the top. You lift the white tube and the balls switch places. This can be repeated. You then place the green and red in the tube, but you then place the red ball in a box. You then open the box and it has disappeared. It then re-appears under the yellow and green ball.

What you get
:arrow: The transparent tube
:arrow: Three balls (Red, Yellow and Green)
:arrow: The white 'Joker' tube
:arrow: A stand
:arrow: The box
:arrow: The gimmick

The Review

The manufacturer says:
Has a plastic ball lock system; no sharp edges, no metal tab, and no flashing the ball!
That basically says it all.
The Marty "Martini" Grams designed Grams-Gung-Ho Vanish Box has a removable lid and can be used to vanish many items.
Yes the box has a lid darling. It is true that the box can make other stuff disappear, but no matter what they say, the box is designed to make a ball vanish. It fit's perfectly. Some people don't use the box to make the ball vanish at the end because it's quite easy to work out. You can use a devil's napkin, or a mirror box if you find one big enough. I’ve heard that the ball can't fit in the madrain mirror box. If your wondering where you can get a Devil Napkin, you can get it with the vanishing bandanna.
Comes with a heavy tip resistant round wood base.
It does, but the reason why I didn't put it in the what you get section is that it comes separately, but it just stays attached to the inner plastic tube. It's a bit of a push to get it on, but it's not coming off in a hurry after it's attached.
The balls align perfectly in the inner clear tube.
Come with an extra Deception Stand to show nothing is below!
The 'extra deception stand' is supposed to be used with the tube. But you can also use it with the vanishing box. You can use it with either, and it's a pretty good idear.
The outer tube is made from heavy gauge steel & painted inside and out to prevent rusting.
It is certainly a well made outer tube.
Precision silk screen artwork on tube, not stencil and spray paint!
Yes I like the artwork, but it has smudged very slightly on some of the edges. Some people complain that the tube doesn't have the three coloured balls on them. But it has on the back, but they're in the order that they come out, not go in.
Seamless crystal clear inner tube.
Full routines, patter, tips, and hints. Created by Martini Grams.
Really? Where? I didn't get any.
The Balls are special moulded in hard plastic to prevent denting!
Well the balls are like the ones you get in kiddies ball pools. They may not be, but them certainly look and feel like them. You can also juggle with them, but they are light so not perfect for juggling with. Also if you've got small hands, it's hard to catch the last throw. They're good balls for the job though.

Overall I give the Joker Tube 8/10. I would prefer a better Vanish at the end of the trick, and it's not one of those Gems that is worth a Ten. But Overall if you do kids shows then I highly recommend this one.

If you've got any questions about Joker Tube, then feel free to ask.

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Postby MagicIain » Sep 30th, '05, 17:50

If you could let us know where you bought and other such boring details (price etc) then that'd be great.

I've heard some say that it's a poor quality version of Stratosphere. Anybody had both and can comment on that?

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Postby Renato » Sep 30th, '05, 17:52

I don't own either, but there is a demo vid on Penguin, so that may be of some use... :?:

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Postby Happy Toad » Sep 30th, '05, 17:54

It is a rip off of stratosphere, though whether it's poor quality I don't know.

"Hodge scored for Forest after 22 seconds - totally against the run of
play" (Peter Lorenzo)
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Postby DWmagic » Sep 30th, '05, 18:57

I bought it off Penguin Magic, but off the American site, as it was not avaliable from the European one when I bought it. It is going for £26.97 on the European Penguin Magic site, but I bought it for about £30.00 becuase of the oversea Shipping cost.

The Quality of the Product is very high standered.

I disagree that this is a "Rip off" of Stratosphere. I personally belive that the Stratosphere is outdated and the Quality is not great. If people feel so strongly they should buy Stratosphere, as it is not hard to get.

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Postby vic_vdb » Oct 1st, '05, 10:59

The problem with some versions of Joker Tube (and SoS) is that the clip on some is made of spring steel and on other varying degrees of plastic. Some can be set to effectiveley change 'ride height' whilsts other lend themselves to disclosure - with this product, unless you know and trust the vendor it may help to actually see it, or at least ask questions -



ps. Good - 'I really have one' review better than so many which just seem to copy the catalogue words - well done on a good review. The vendor and cost plus other comments are aslo useful as it leads people to good suppliers and good prices! (Good point Zack!)

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Postby Happy Toad » Oct 10th, '05, 15:06

I disagree that this is a "Rip off" of Stratosphere.

It is. Check out the site below.

"Hodge scored for Forest after 22 seconds - totally against the run of
play" (Peter Lorenzo)
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Postby Stu K » Oct 15th, '05, 15:49

As mentioned above its good for adults as well I use stratosphere and it realy dose confuse the mums and dads at my kids show.

Also means I can do some juggleing and get laughs when i drop the balls!

Stu k

Stu K
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Postby El Ryno » Nov 27th, '05, 12:07

Joker Tube is a better version of stratosphere.

El Ryno

El Ryno
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Postby Stephen Ward » Nov 27th, '05, 12:34

Well, i have used both and i like strat better, but other people may like All depends on the person really.

Stephen Ward
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Postby Talkbokssax » Feb 22nd, '14, 21:07

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