Appearing Cane

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Appearing Cane

Postby Jing » Apr 4th, '14, 23:06

Can anyone recommend a good quality appearing cane?
At the moment I have some plastic ones, which I'm not so keen on.
A nice multicoloured metal one that I got at Blackpool one year from an Asian stand, quite cheap but it's solid and nice about £10.
I also have two metal ones that I got from eBay that are cheap and horrible and I'm scared they are going to cut my hands to shreds. They were about £5.

I know that Mahka Tendo canes are nice, but they are very expensive, so I guess my question is about the Ultra Cane?

Is it as good / nearly as good as the Mahka Tendo ones, or is just a cheap one packaged and branded to look expensive?
What's the difference between the cheaper canes and expensive ones.

p.s. I need it in red!

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Re: Appearing Cane

Postby Dan Q » Apr 10th, '14, 23:21

I have an ultra cane, but it's my first non-plastic appearing cane so I've not got a good basis for comparison. It's reasonably sturdy and expands with a hell of a punch (during one ill-fated reset I managed to give myself quite a whack in a most-sensitive part of my body, which you'll feel when it's a metal tip. I'm not 100% convinced by the longevity of the 'sparkly' bit at the top, which feels like it might start to flake off it it takes a couple too many knocks while extended. But other than that it's perfectly good: fast, lightweight (but heavy-looking), compact and attractive.

Reset is pretty slow, so you wouldn't want to do it if you're working tables, but I can't imagine that you'd want a metal expanding cane anywhere that you're going to be surrounded by people and beverages anyway!

Ultra cane - pros: metal, rapid deployment, looks far heavier than it is; cons: longevity of top(?), slow reset, I can't really compare it to other metal canes.

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