Lee Smith's STEP SYSTEM - 2 DVDs (RSVP)

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Re: Lee Smith's STEP SYSTEM - 2 DVDs (RSVP)

Postby CArlight1958 » Feb 3rd, '12, 11:31

Just thought I would add a few comments to this review for those of us who haven't been around as long
as this dvd set.
In one word. Brilliant!!
This is a really nice 2 dvd set with some very strong direct magic.

"Strike 2" This has to be one of my favourite routines to date, & all done with a couple of every day clipper lighters.
Lee does go into some detail of the handling, but to be honest, this is pretty much a make it up as you go along, it's really that simple.
Having said that, the spectator is left jaw dropped. Such fun, I love it.

"Walkaround 2 Cards to Pocket"
This has one of the best glimpses of 2 cards I have seen yet, & can be applied to many other routines.
IMHO this is worth the price of the dvd.

"Just Think"
I just love this, I've done this several times this week, & the spectator is blown away.
A card is not picked, just thought of, named, then appears in your hand. Impossible, or at least that's how the spectator see's it....Love it. :D

"Business Lunch"
I've had some cards specially printed just for this effect, & will be carrying this trick with me for many months to come.

I could go on, there's much more on this dvd set, & I'm really starting to think that this chap is one of the best creative minds in magic to date.
An old dvd (2010) but well worth the money, & I'm sure any who buy this will be very pleased.


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Re: Lee Smith's STEP SYSTEM - 2 DVDs (RSVP)

Postby artychris » Apr 29th, '14, 18:31

I know that this is an old-ish DVD now, but it's still one that I use a huge amount from!

I have loads of DVD's full of tricks that I either use nothing from, or at most, one trick.

Of the 6 tricks on Disc 1 of the Step System, it has 3 tricks on it that I use regularly... and I've just re-discovered "Bold Business," - So that makes 4 from 6! (It's a disc full of usable, robust, instant reset magic that requires no gimmicks!)

Highly recommended :)

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