Close up success on line course

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Close up success on line course

Postby devilstick Peat » Oct 11th, '14, 15:33

This is my first review on here, hope it's ok and that no one sues me.
Close up success on line course" target="_blank
Firstly, a bit about myself
I’m not a close up magician. I work mainly at festivals, doing a stage act. However, I started this course as A) you pay monthly, as opposed to a big initial pay-out. B) it focuses mainly on the business side of things, which I figured could be transposed to most forms of entertainment (and I was right).
The course is in the format of 52 weekly lessons written by Chris Dugdale and Phil Jay, which you can down load and keep. On top of that there are lots and lots of video’s to watch (Which you can’t download). It’s a hard hitting, no nonsense course, written in a frank and blunt manor, and covers some great tricks, ideas on presentation, advertising (paid for and free), how to cost out a job and the phycology not just behind magic but also behind getting higher fees, as well as some funny stories.
A lot of the tricks in the course are card tricks, this doesn’t interest me (I openly admit that I can’t even do a DL) however, what I’ve learnt about presentation, how to approach people, promotional tricks etc. makes the course more than worth its money.
Thanks to some of the ideas in this course I now get 25% higher fees from agents, which means it’s already paid for itself.
Good things;
Good advice about how to increase your fees, some good magic. Good all-round advice on presentation and the phycology behind magic.
Bad things
Too much card magic, one or two bits feel like they are just fillers, but only one or two (and I openly admit that they may well appeal to others).
Final thoughts
Anyone wanting to increase their fees, re-vamp not what they do, but how they do it, or get some good ideas on FREE promotion should try this course. If after a month you decide it’s not for you, then you can always cancel and have only spent less than £10.
I’m on week 20, and loving it
Marks out of 10. I give it a 9

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