Up The Ante by Martyn Smith

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Re: Up The Ante by Martyn Smith

Postby MrCat » Thu Dec 04, 2014 6:13 pm

Ahh, I thought it said in the isntructions a quick overhand shuffle would be ok, maybe it was a different shuffle but I considered that a bit risky so I always make them riffle it which add's a bit of fun if they insist they can't so you teach them the principle :) and is indeed bullet proof!

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Re: Up The Ante by Martyn Smith

Postby Mandrake » Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:26 pm

I set the deck up a few days ago but tonight was the first time I could run through the routine 'on the quiet' to see what happens. For the first time in many, many moons I actually fooled myself with a sub vocalised 'How the....'!!!

OK, there's an explanation of how it works which I still can't get my aged head around but it doesn't matter one bit - as long as it works it can be powered by steam and invisible gnomes as far as I'm concerned!

Excellent routine Martyn and well worth the tenner out of my piggy bank, in fact the investment may be returned very soon as I may be asked to do a few things next month and there's a good chance that money will be offered in return - I shan't refuse! Thanks for the nudge Mr.C.

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