John Blake and Bob Elliott

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John Blake and Bob Elliott

Postby Montethrower » Sep 26th, '05, 23:31

Okay, I'm only thirteen, love magic, and have kids in the town starting a rumor that me and my brother (also a magic lover) have been trained by david blaine. You know who helped us out? John Blake and Bob Elliott. If your not familliar with them let me tell you. Bob Elliott is an expert in close-up magic and has taught the most famous magicians there close-up like David Blaine, Criss Angel, and David Copperfield. Now if you're like the guys at magic bunny i'll get a response back that says I'm full of c*** (not the best). THIS IS NOT A JOKE!!! There are pictures all around the shop with Bob accompanied by the three magicians I've mentioned. He was also the main attraction at David Copperfield's last birthday. Now to John. He started out as a stockboy at Tannen's (biggest magic shop here in the US) and was trained by the late great Frank Garcia which were said to be his most treasured memories in the hobby of magic. He now owns east coast magic which is located in Central Pennsylvania and can be checked out at He is friends with, Simon Lovell,David Copperfield, David Blaine, he has known Criss Angel since he was 15, Frank Garcia of course, Sal Piacente, Penn and Teller, and Banachek. Boardering the store is about 50 signed pictures of these guys and a lot of others. So, does anybody know them?

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Postby nickj » Sep 27th, '05, 13:11

I am in no position to decide whether to believe you or not, but the fact that those on Magic Bunny didn't is no reason to defame them here, so it would be appreciated if you refrained from making any further complaints here.

As for your post, I am not familiar with either of the names you mention as far as I am aware, but I wonder as to the purpose of your post, is it because you are very proud of your teach or are you interested in who else has had instruction from them in the past (or were you just namedropping :twisted: )?

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Postby dat8962 » Sep 27th, '05, 18:23

David who? :wink:

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Postby Smooth » Feb 7th, '07, 07:57

okay, maybe an old post or not let me tell you about Bob Elliott. A great man in magic. He got Francis Tabary his first lecture tour in the US, on top of which he got Jay Sankey his first tour as well. But Sankey cancelled at the last minute. He also got David Blaine into the Tannen`s magic camp at an early age. I see him all the time.

This is the quote he gave me for my website:

"As for Smoothini; well I have seen the best of the best come through. I have schooled David Copperfield and the rest. But I honestly believe the future of magic is with this guy right here."

Bob Elliott

Great man, funny and a New Yorker like no other.

also want to mention that Simon Lovell personally entertained me and my little sister after my last show in New York. He gave me tons of advice into this proffession and is one of the main influences for my style. The guy is amazing and can drink like the best of them. I love Simon.

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Re: John Blake and Bob Elliott

Postby Happy Elliott » Dec 10th, '14, 19:04

I am Bob Elliott's wife Happy and the article written by Montethrower on September 27, 2005 at 3:31 AM is correct. We were partners with John Blake and his magic shop East Coast Magic in State College, PA in 2003 - 2005. I knew John when he worked at Tannens and Bob did sell him his first magic trick. We are also friends with the other people mentioned in the article. All the information is correct. Thanks for letting me verify your claim. Magically, Happy Elliott

Happy Elliott
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Re: John Blake and Bob Elliott

Postby Happy Elliott » Dec 10th, '14, 19:23

Even though I don't know you, I thank you for keeping Bob's memory alive with his love for mankind. He would give you the shirt off his back or a magic trick and ask nothing in return other than for you to do one good deed for a person and then have you pass it on to the next and so forth. He loved the smile he put on a child's face when he pulled the silver dollar out of his/her ear and gave it to them. It was never spent and always treasured forever by the child. What a lasting impression on someone just getting his/her first taste of a miracle/magic. Bob will always be with me as well as when I see other people doing his magic tricks. It shows how he even touched you as an adult. Keep his spirit alive. Magically, Happy Elliott

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Re: John Blake and Bob Elliott

Postby mark lewis » Dec 11th, '14, 01:14

I have actually heard of Bob Elliott although I never knew him personally. I only heard good things about him and that he would do anything for you. However, the reason he sticks in my mind is something he is reported to have said when comparing amateurs to professionals. He himself was an amateur and there is nothing wrong with that. He was defending the amateurs when he said words to the effect of "Remember, it was professionals who built the Titanic!" That appealed to my warped sense of humour!

mark lewis
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Re: John Blake and Bob Elliott

Postby Happy Elliott » Dec 11th, '14, 07:25

Yes, that was a favorite quote of Bob's. He loved doing magic for free. Even when he would receive a job request he would always hand it off to someone else so they could make the bucks, only as a last resort would he take the job and would give the client an extra hour for his money. That's a true entertainer. He loved to put a smile on a person's face and that was reward enough. Bob continues to live on within all of us either through his magic or his love of mankind. Magically, Happy

Happy Elliott
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Re: John Blake and Bob Elliott

Postby bmat » Dec 17th, '14, 19:25

I am sure Happy, Bob's wife will not remember me through no fault of her own. I'm not that much of a social person. I live just outside of State College and personally knew both men. John Blake tried to hire me for the magic shop back in the day.

Bob was an absolute genius in the field of magic. He did a lecture for us and I don't remember ever laughing that hard. He was aone of the most generous men I have ever known. With his time, his patience and perhaps he was too generous in certain areas.

Shortly after I moved to State College and became a founding member of the Local IBM ring, (The Bob Elliot Ring) and yes Mr. Blake took the liberty of re writting some history. But it was myself and four others who got the club up and running, (non of which were John Blake, wow have wanted to get that out of my system for a long time). Anyway my wife and I threw a small BBQ for the newly formed club. John took the liberty to invite the world, Tony Spina showed up. Bob Little showed up. Bob and Happy showed up. The members of the Bob Elliot IBM ring showed up, The Penn State Magic and Performing arts showed up. As did many local and not so local magicians that I had never met show up It was madness I'm telling you, madness.

I was watching the fire jugglers knock a small branch out of Bob Littles mouth with a juggling throwing knife type thing and Bob Elliot who I never met before asked me if I was Brian, the owner of the property. And of course I was. We had never met before. He asked me about my dad, I had no idea how he made the connection. My Dad is a magic dealer in Montreal Quebec. We talked about another mutual friend George Shindler. After a fifteen minutes of chit chat Bob made the statement that this little shindig must have cost a pretty penny. I told him it was our pleasure, the truth was it was going to put a serious dent in our funds seeing as we only expected a small group, the local IBM ring. I didn't mention that to Bob, only that it was our pleasure.

Without another word Bob reached into his pocket and took out some money and told me it must be mine because he found it in the woods along the trail. (I live in the woods). I refused the money but thanked him just the same. It was not a lot, because he knew I would never accept too much, but it was a generous offer. Later that evening, cleaning up my wife found the money, he hid it in the house where he knew we would find it. I went to East Coast Magic a few days later and tried to give him the money. He said he would consider it an insult if I refused his gift. Then he proceeded to blow me away with a coin under watch routine. He gave me a lesson on the effect and I still use it to this day.

I can not say enough good stuff about Bob Elliot. And when I later spoke about Bob to others of note in the magic fraternity they all shared very similiar stories.

Just a quick Edit: Just in case Happy is reading this, my wife is not positive that Happy was in town for the party and that we met Happy at the magic shop sometime later. The party was chaotic and almost 14 years ago. Happy I would love your imput to see if you have memories of the event.

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