The Ghost Illusion By The Black Hart

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The Ghost Illusion By The Black Hart

Postby Stephen Ward » Wed Aug 01, 2007 12:10 pm

The Effect

1. The Dark Figure

You gather your crowd in the hall of the house you are using. It is in complete darkness with only a few lit candles. As you need to tell the story the guests look up at the darkness of the roof as they look they suddenly see a dark figure gliding down from above them. It pauses and then glides back up into the darkness

2. The Ghost With No Eyes

A ghostly form begins to materialise on the balcony above, it becomes clearer and the guests can see a strange shrouded figure with no eyes, just dark holes. It rises over the balcony and down towards the guests. As the ghost stops it begins to speak in a slow demonic voice. It the rises above the balcony and slowly vanishes.

3. The Haunted Library

As you stand by a bookshelf and tell a spooky tale several books slide out of the bookshelf and drop to the floor.

4. The Reading Ghost

A large book can be seen lying open on the table, as you begin to tell a story of perform a ritual a page of the book slowly turns over without anyone being anywhere near it.

5. Tips

A nice selection of touches to add to your bizarre magick show. It includes a fire bowl, make them scream and 3 other little tips.


£12.00 including UK postage ONLY from

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)



Ok, lets start with the book itself. You get an A4 spiral bound 23 page book. The book is printed on good quality paper. the pictures and drawings are very clear and nicely printed. The instructions are very easy to follow. The Black Hart guides you through the process. Now I should state that there are no 'stories' here but you guys and gals can easy invent some (just use your local legends!)

From the start let me state that this not for those of you who want to do some tricks in the bedroom. You need very specific space and area to perform this in. However you will all be able to enjoy performing the two book effects, in fact one of those effects sells for £25 on it's own.

I am lucky to know places where I can perform these kind of ghost illusions, I have tried one so far but let me tell you.. Boy does it work well. I was shocked just how convincing it looked.

Now to assembly, as you may imagine there are several 'bits' to get but to be honest you can build the first ghost at very little cost. The book effects are very easy to get ready and you will have fun performing this.

Even if you do not have the space or equipment to do a full ghost show you will still benefit from this book. it is a good guide and very fun to read. So if you are interested in this kind of thing then give it a go. You will like it :twisted:


Nice book, yes it works, ok you need experience and space but I can't really fault so I give it 1 good 9.5 out of 10

Stephen Ward
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Re: The Ghost Illusion By The Black Hart

Postby black hart » Wed May 06, 2015 10:06 am

Greetings from The Black Hart

I crave your indulgence for a quick update.

The Black Artefacts' website has now been completely redesigned and The Ghost Illusion is now has a different page address:

Keith Hart

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