Hello from Antwerp, Belgium!

Come and let everyone know a little about yourselves

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Hello from Antwerp, Belgium!

Postby Mik-Kado » Jan 16th, '16, 20:55

Hello there,

I'm 34 years old and being busy with magic from when I was about 15 years old. Like so many people around here, my interest in magic started when I got a magic set for my 6th birthday. But I was still a child, and many other interests past by.
At the age of 15 I met a full-time professional magician who coached me for while and guided me in the right directions to perform 'real magic'. He opened the door for me to the world of doing professional magic, instead of playing around with magic tricks coming out of a toy store.

Close-up magic always interested me the most. But for some reason (because in the meantime I met several magicians) I started doing kids shows at birthday parties, schools, brunches, etc...
I also did a few parlor shows for adult people on events of leisure clubs and elderly daycare homes.
Due to my job as a driver in Express deliveries throughout Europe I started to have less free time, so I decided to stop the kids shows and just focus on close-up sleight of hand magic. After all, with this I was able to practice anywhere while I was waiting for cargo.

Now my interests go a lot to busking and strolling. I have no experience with busking, but I decided for my own this is what I want to achieve once... Because of my daily job is very variable in terms of working hours, it's not easy to plan a regular practice system.
I just don't force it, and I practice and study when I find time for it. That way doing magic stays fun for me. I don't know when I will ever be busking the first time... But I know I WILL do it ever. In the meanwhile I watch a lot of videos of performers like Gazzo, Jimmy Talksalot, Sunny Holiday, etc... to study the techniques and bits of busking.
For the moment I'm trying to become better in card magic so in can take these skills into my plans of busking later. I can do great card tricks and astonish people with it, but I'm polishing constantly.

Ok, that's all I think for now.
As I've told already, I don't have a lot of free time, but I will try to do my best to visit this forum regularly. That way I can join and discuss or share experiences with each other to become all smarter persons. :D

See you later!

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Re: Hello from Antwerp, Belgium!

Postby Mandrake » Jan 17th, '16, 20:55

Hi - welcome to TM!

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Re: Hello from Antwerp, Belgium!

Postby moonbeam » Jan 17th, '16, 21:26

Hi and welcome to TM.

Nice intro by the way :)

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Re: Hello from Antwerp, Belgium!

Postby mr invisible » Jan 18th, '16, 18:51

Enjoy your stay.. Keep in touch.
Regards Garry. :)

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Re: Hello from Antwerp, Belgium!

Postby Mik-Kado » Jan 21st, '16, 12:57

Thanks for the warm welcoming words!

I hope I can bring in my 2 cents on some topics from time to time, although sometimes it's holding me back to reply because there are a lot of more experienced magicians around on the forums... But maybe it can be sometimes also a help or a thought to hear opinions from less experienced magicians. That way other people get also the thoughts and insights from the viewpoint of less experienced magicians.

After all, we are all here to share that beautiful art, isn't it?
And maybe we are also here to become smarter people all together... Understanding different people from different levels and ranks of the population gives us all more insights in how our magic can be perceived. It's all about psychology, not?

See you later!



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Re: Hello from Antwerp, Belgium!

Postby Lady of Mystery » Jan 22nd, '16, 09:18

Hiya Kim, welcome along to TM :)

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