Card handling

Struggling with an effect? Any tips (without giving too much away!) you'd like to share?

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Card handling

Postby Mujician » Jan 28th, '16, 17:14

I'd like to have a good go at card handling/flourishes/fanning etc. How is it best to start with this? Is there anything you can suggest. This has been the one thing that I really struggled with. Even when I shuffle, it looks untidy. Many thanks

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Re: Card handling

Postby mr invisible » Jan 31st, '16, 14:30

Why not try youtube my friend.. Plenty of ideas there.. And its free.. :D
Regards Garry.

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mr invisible
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Re: Card handling

Postby SpareJoker » Feb 2nd, '16, 15:40

Google Dan & Dave (a.k.a 'The Buck Twins'). They have a site that sells lots of instructional DVD's on flourishing.

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Re: Card handling

Postby bmat » Feb 4th, '16, 16:19

SpareJoker wrote:Google Dan & Dave (a.k.a 'The Buck Twins'). They have a site that sells lots of instructional DVD's on flourishing.

Be aware all of this takes a lot of practice. Dan and Dave Buck while great are not easy. Think long term, you will not be able to watch the video and then perform, think months of steady practice.

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Re: Card handling

Postby Tomdjinn » Mar 16th, '16, 08:58

I've found YouTube pretty useful because I'm a pretty good visual learner. I've only just started and I'm naturally a cack-handed person (which makes sleights all the more good fun!!) but doing the other stuff that looks good I guess is always going to take a lot of practice. Good luck with it though!

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Re: Card handling

Postby joelhall » Nov 28th, '16, 15:48

I'm still one of those boring people who likes books. The Hugard books still can't be beaten for the wealth of knowledge.

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Re: Card handling

Postby aporia » Nov 29th, '16, 13:34

bmat wrote:Be aware all of this takes a lot of practice ... think months of steady practice.

10,000 hours ... :shock:

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Re: Card handling

Postby FTHO » Nov 29th, '16, 21:34

10,000 hours to become an expert... but only 20 hours to become really good at something.
Watch this ted talk:

The guys book is good if you'd like to apply his techniques.

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