Cubism by Dave Forrest

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Cubism by Dave Forrest

Postby ddeckmann » Jul 24th, '13, 14:00

Hi, this is my first official post and so it happens that yesterday arrived "Cubism" in my mailbox.

The Effect

Although it comes with a basic chop cup routine, cubism is not an effect but a worker' s prop




Depens on your routine, the basic routine I would say it's 2/5


Why I bought it? I remember reading somewhere that Dave put out the instruction video in his website for free, and with all the magic spam, pipedreams and trailers of gangster hipster magic around, "cubism" stands out for it's honesty and quality

This isn't the holy grail of chop cups or anything, it's just a chop cup and some dice. But I must tell you that from all the props I have ever bought this one gets the Quality trophy.

The balance of the gimmick, the presentation box, everything is just beautiful and looks like it's supposed to look.

I had the same problem that Dave (and many) had: a metal cup and a ball are common objects, but are they? really? I do have a chopped cup with a paul fox look, but it's a rare cup, at leat in this side of the globe. It's like a medieval cup or something, great for renaissance acts though... in my country this cup and a die inside is something normal, a metal cup with a ball inside it's not.

In the box:

the leatherbound cup
2 normal dice
2 g****d dice
2 tiny dice
1 blank die
1 black dice with blank spots slightly larger than the normal die
1 red jumbo die
1 10mm diameter pad


If you need a chop cup, this is best I've come accross and seen, I almost bought one from rnt2. Perhaps rnt2 last forever, but this will last me a long time and it sure looks better. I'm very happy with my purchase and it's something I will use.

Fruits are the best final loads, I believe. Many times I had the problem of not having a fruit for my final load because of the time, traveling and/or space issues. And I've never liked baseball or billiard balls. Now with the jumbo die I only don't have to worry about that but also it makes sense.

p.s.: I perform Dan Tong's routine and this set fits perfectly.


Re: Cubism by Dave Forrest

Postby DaveM » Jul 26th, '13, 11:58

When I went to Blackpool this year, I bought very little as I had promised myself I wouldn't buy anything unless it was essential or something that was a blatant worker. As soon as I saw Cubism, my money was on the table. It's not that original and it's not that dazzling but it's quality is amazing and the routine is a pure worker.

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Re: Cubism by Dave Forrest

Postby Mandrake » Mar 2nd, '17, 23:51

Bumpety bump!!

Full 52 are trying to crowdfund Cubism Maestro which is the original Cubism plus the 'expansion kit' released shortly after Cubism - all plus a bit more. See ... m-maestro/ for the details and what seems to be a bit of a bargain for the early birds.

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Cubism : Maestro

Postby Dave_Forrest » Mar 3rd, '17, 11:52 ... m-maestro/

Cubism : Maestro - A custom made set of dice cups for performing the 'cups n' balls' effect. PLUS - One cup in the set is a chop-cup'! It's being called 'the best deal in magic!' - they're not wrong!

To check out video's of the props and two complete routines featured on the included video download - click the link above.

Back in 2010 I had an idea. Take the classic magicians prop - the 'chop-cup' - and 'normalise' the prop by swapping the spun metal cup and red crotchet ball (items that are, let's face it, simply screaming 'magic prop') for a regular looking dice cup and a dice. The size and weight were about the same and you could 'justify' the props. Everyone's seen a dice cup, right? Made sense to me...

About three years later, after month after month of R&D and multiple prototypes, I was able to present my 'dice-cup/chop-cup' to the magic fraternity at Blackpool 2013. The product was called 'Cubism' and it was, I'm pleased to say, a HUGE success. The product received rave reviews, was ordered in large numbers by a major wholesaler and very quickly sold out.

As proud as I was of 'Cubism', I wasn't completely satisfied with it on a personal level. That's because, during the several years it took to get 'Cubism' to market, it had occurred to me that, in fact, rather than simply being a single chop-cup, the 'dice/dice cup' combo could (should!) actually be expanded into a full 'three cup set' ala 'cups n' balls'.

And so, we arrive at the all new 'Cubism : Maestro'. Pledge today and help us make this stunning product a reality!

Click the link to watch several video's. Get a closer look at the props and watch two of the included effects - 'Three Dice?', a one-cup routine and 'Which Cup?', a two-cup routine. Follow us on the Kickstarter campaign page to receive updates as new video's are added.

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Re: Cubism by Dave Forrest

Postby Mandrake » Mar 3rd, '17, 23:37

Thanks for that Dave and welcome to TM. I've merged your post with the existing thread so we can keep relevant stuff together and, at the moment, new sigs don't show up so I amended your text a little to direct clickers to the thread at the start of the post.

Please let us know how this project is going, it certainly looks as though funding is well on the way to completion!

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