Conversational Magic

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Conversational Magic

Postby FTHO » Apr 12th, '17, 18:23


I've posted a duplicate of this post on the Top Secret R&D section with a suggested method included (as well as a call for help). Moderators, I have posted this again here for 2 reasons: 1. I wanted to share the story with people who don't have access to Top Secret R&D. 2. I thought people who don't have access to Top Secret R&D might be able to help me. If it isn't OK to make this duplicate post then please let me know.

The other night I was in a pub with some friends and we got talking to a guy who plays piano at a nearby bar. He claimed that he could tell exactly what genre of music a person was interested in and tailor his set to the audience he had that night. He was a little drunk and playing around but this turned into a bit of a game.
He could ask each of us 3 questions, and at the end of the questions he would attempt to guess our favourite genre of music.

So he asked his questions and was totally wrong for each of us. He knew he was going to be wrong, but is was just a fun excuse for a conversation.
In retrospect, I wish I had told him he had guessed mine right, but it didn't occur to me at the time, plus my friends would have known I was lying.

My friend happened to have a deck of cards with him, and I suggested a similar game. I explained some meanings of the four suits, and then the musician would remove whichever card he feels sums up his personality, I would then ask him 3 questions and attempt to guess his card.
So I asked him a few questions and we had a bit of a conversation about him (which was nice in itself), and then I guessed his card.

This was a trick, but the aim wasn't to amaze or fool the other person... the aim was the conversation, and the game between us.

Here is what I would like to do:

Suggest the game with cards. They choose 1 and I choose 1. Each selection based on the card we feel sums up our personality, or the way we are feeling right now.
Now we have 3 conversations with each other and get to know each other a little.
Then we both try to find each others card based on what we feel we know about the other person, and we BOTH find the right card.

Obviously I can easily find their card. I just need a way for them to apparently find MY card.

I've posted a suggested method in the Top Secret R&D page, and I suggest replying there if you can.
The method I suggested isn't suitable for my most common performance environment.



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Re: Conversational Magic

Postby Mandrake » Apr 12th, '17, 22:56

No problems Sam, I'm eager to see what develops. At one time, TM had a great track record for innovation and developing commercially successful magic. Let's see if we can wave the magic wand for you!

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Re: Conversational Magic

Postby Ricardo_ltd » Apr 14th, '17, 02:52

I suggest a variation of the trick at 5:00 in this video. I don't recall the name of the trick but it's a card trick that uses an old principle where the magician "teaches" the spec to shuffle and, in the end, the magician ends up finding the 4 kings and the spec finds the 4 aces (in this example, the magician found the 4 aces but i prefer the other way around).

What you can do, is create a variation of this trick where you ask the spec to select 4 cards that sum up his personality and you select other 4 cards that sum up yours. Then, you position the 8 cards in the deck according to the method of this trick (i presume you know, it's very easy) and you say that both of you should shuffle the deck the same way so you cut the deck, give him the other half and lead with the shuffles telling the spec to do the same. At the end, both of you will find your 4 cards.

The video:

Good luck

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Re: Conversational Magic

Postby isb » Apr 14th, '17, 14:10

I can't post in the restricted area, though I've been around TM for years. I wasn't sure it was still being used...

Is this how it plays?
You each choose a card, look at it and then return it to the pack, which is then shuffled.
You then do the conversations thing.
You then each in turn pick up the pack and remove the card you think the other person chose, which is then revealed after each of you say which was your card?

So the spec chooses the first card from the pack - you f**** or otherwise know what card they chose. Have it returned straight away, so you're both choosing from the full deck.
You choose any card (and immediately forget what it is - it doesn't matter).
At the end, the spec takes out the card they "think" you chose earlier, and you remove the one that they chose. You just need a method of knowing which card they took out at this step (there are a few).
You announce your card as the one they are holding.
They announce their card, and you reveal you picked the right one.
If they think you both "picked" the same card, go down a different route and reveal that against all of the odds, you're sure that you both chose the same card so you won't be able to pick theirs from the pack.

Deliberately trying to be a bit vague as this is out in the open. Happy to continue this conversation by PM if you have any questions...


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Re: Conversational Magic

Postby Mandrake » Apr 14th, '17, 14:25

isb wrote:I can't post in the restricted area, though I've been around TM for years. I wasn't sure it was still being used...

Poops serious omission on our part :oops: - you're now in

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Re: Conversational Magic

Postby FTHO » May 18th, '17, 16:28

I can't believe more than a month has past since my first post! Sorry for not responding to you sooner... unfortunately time has not been my friend recently.
Thank you all for your replies.

Ricardo - You are describing Chad long's Shuffling Lesson. It is one of my absolute favorite tricks. So much fun! I like your idea of making the cards for Shuffling Lesson be a little more meaningful than just aces or kings. I may have a play around with that. But I feel like the randomness of the procedure doesn't suit my premise of getting to know someone via the conversation. By the way, if you haven't seen it, check out The Gambling Lesson by Ben Earl (on Vanishing Inc) for a great version of Shuffling Lesson.

ISB - I've replied in the other thread in the secret area. But you are correct, that is how it plays (although I've suggested an alternative procedure in my other post).
You are exactly correct, the main problem is needing a method to know which card they removed for me (the one they believe to be my selection).

Thanks guys, and sorry again for the late reply!

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