Coin unique - new style £1 coin and 1p

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Coin unique - new style £1 coin and 1p

Postby moonbeam » Jun 6th, '17, 15:20

Original review of the £1/1p coin unique: ftopic56.php

I've nothing to add to the above link, as everything you need to know is probably in there.

However, with the old style £1 coin due to be taken out of circulation at midnight 15th October 2017, you might be looking for an upgrade.
Look no further, I've just received mine today and am more than happy with the quality and look of my new coin unique.
The penny side is the tails side and is fairly shiny, but not too shiny that it stands out and it all fits together fairly securely, with just a little bit of movement. I've just compared it with my original Eddie Gibson version and it stands up very well.

I got mine for £25 (free p & p) from: ... n%20unique

I ordered it yesterday and received it today - 5 star service :)

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Re: Coin unique - new style £1 coin and 1p

Postby Mandrake » Jun 6th, '17, 23:14

Looks like a good price for this sort of thing, I paid over £30 last month - see ftopic59988.php#p478798 - but it works well and was definitely worth it.

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