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Postby Part-Timer » Jun 16th, '08, 22:13

Blapsing_Beard wrote:well the post arrives the next day normally, unless you send it second class

In which case, it doesn't arrive at all...


On the point Dr Todd raised, apparently this was developed independently of Kenton's idea, and it goes into the effect in more detail (his was an idea in a manuscript about a particular principle/item). Well, that's the official story. As Tom said, they're crediting Kenton Knepper (but not, so I have read, paying him).

Which means that me guess as to what the item was is correct!


I own the Magic Circle record from circa 1981. On it, various magicians describe tricks. Many are simple or self-working effects, but a couple of people describe other things.

Have a guess at what John Fisher's contribution described.

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Postby TakWah » Jun 23rd, '08, 23:37

How legal does it get?

I have no idea how it's works but due to a translation error, I made as a non natural speaker, I had an idea, which is roughly backed by the "non" away giving from this thread.

Anyway, if it's anything like I think it is, I suggest that nobody will be sued, like for the coin thing, but to be on the safe side juristically, I would want to know it was smart to let this effect be sanctioned by some postoffical in a written manner beforehand so you could prove legality, or no intent to scam, just in case. If I am on the wrong track, ignore this post, and/or don't write anything that would further compromise please.

Another question since a gimmick is involved is surely, does this gimmick work for other non-uk countries too, since I am from germany. If the answer to this would be too giving away something please don't feel forced to answer truthfully, but give me a pm that i shouldn't buy it.

Regards Tak

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Postby Demitri » Jun 24th, '08, 09:34

There are no legal issues relating to this effect.

This can be used in any country - there are no geographical restrictions to the effect.

Hope that helps.

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Postby Beardy » Jun 24th, '08, 13:01

it can even be used abroad, sending the letter from country to country



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Postby midge25 » Jun 24th, '08, 15:16

i have lost my gimmick! anyone tell me where i can get a replacement in the UK please?

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Postby IAIN » Jun 24th, '08, 15:19

i'd say drop aldo an email, or a pm over at the cafe - you want to get the right "thing" otherwise your timing my be off... :wink:


Postby misterblack » Jul 1st, '08, 23:46

I had the perfect opportunity to give 'Post Mentalism' a try a few weeks ago. Even though I screwed up certain minor parts of the manner in which I intended to present it, the reaction was pretty strong.

I got a text message from the participant which said; "I got your card... In less enlightened times that card would have got you burned at the stake"

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Postby joemagicman37 » Mar 29th, '09, 01:12

Ok so i see that this trick is great for preditcing sporting events. But can it also be used for direct mentalism with a spectator (ie. have them think of a card, write prediction, mail it, reveal card)? Or something similar?

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Postby Tom Lauten » Mar 29th, '09, 09:38

Yes, anything like that but the effect is even stronger if you predict something that could not POSSIBLY be forced by you.

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Postby TerryC » Apr 1st, '09, 07:13

Well, I'm pretty sure I have it worked out.

First, the gimmick is a 5 lb club.
Second, you get up early and mug the mail man before he delivers the letter.
Finally, you switch the original letter with your new one containing the now-known result.

Signed: The MASKED Magician!

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Posatmentalism Suggestion

Postby Mensan » Feb 6th, '10, 09:33

I recently got this trick, and used it. It works great. If you bust your brain, do some research, shop around, and find a source for the gimmick, etc, you can pull this off without buying the trick...but that would involve time, which is money, plus money spent of the gimmick elsewhere, plus all that thinking. Mental effort is work...which you are not getting paid for. If you put 4 hours in, and figure it all out, and don't get paid for the time you could have been: flipping burgers, sweeping floors, performing magic, or such, for will have lost an amount at least equal to the cost of this you will still have to spend time, and money, to get a gimmick doing it the cheap DIY way will actually COST MORE than buying the trick. Your cheap way will cost more if it takes you days, weeks, or months, to figure it out...if you ever do. Don't be cheap.

The trick: is easy, takes some minor preparation, is not instantly repeatable for the same audience, is best done for one person/family at a time at one residence, can be done in any nation, is legal...but could be used in an illegal manner...requires a simple gimmick which the audience sees, but does not recognize as a magic gimmick, has a gimmick which can be used many times before needing replacement, comes with some replacements included, comes with a great instruction booklet, comes with a good tip sheet, and can be used in imaginative ways you come up with yourself in adition to those listed in the instruction booklet. All in all, it is well worth the cost. I am on a low income, in a recession, and can't afford to waste the few dollars I do spend on magic...and I feel I got my money's worth. It could have cost less, I should have thought of it myself, but I am happy to pay for a good effect which saved me the bother of figuring it out I could better spend my time in the arms of my girlfriend. Some tricks are worth spending money on...and this is one of them. I used it to predict some big sporting events, but you could use it in other ways, too. I suggest you get it.

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Postby Robbie » May 20th, '10, 14:28

TerryC wrote:Well, I'm pretty sure I have it worked out.

First, the gimmick is a 5 lb club.
Second, you get up early and mug the mail man before he delivers the letter.
Finally, you switch the original letter with your new one containing the now-known result.


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Postby phillipnorthfield » Aug 4th, '10, 17:32

Can the envelope be signed? If not why is everyone so I amazed while writing this I came up with a £1 method that works as described. I just hope I'm wrong.

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Postby Jason0162 » Oct 16th, '10, 06:42

I realize that this post is a bit old but in the off chance your question has not been answered yet, yes the envelope could be signed if you so wish.

Due to the nature of the gimmick you can do anything you wish to the envelope or the prediction contained there in to make it "unique" in the mind of the spectator and you will end up clean. I wouldn't suggest you get get carried away with this though for reasons that should become obvious once you know the secret behind the effect but there is nothing to worry about signing said letter to prove that it was the same letter that was mailed either by the spectator or by you with them watching or what have you.

The only thing I can add to this review is a small complaint about the quality of the gimmick I personally received. Included with the package I bought were a single gimmick and 2 refills. The "refill" that was already loaded into the gimmick did not perform as it should. Ie it didn't do what it was supposed to do AT ALL. However, when testing the other 2 refills everything was fine. I guess I just ended up with one that was faulty which really isn't a big deal as between the other 2 refills I can't see me using them up anytime soon.

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Re: Postmentalism - Alvo Stockman

Postby moonbeam » Sep 28th, '17, 21:50

Just had an email from Penguin saying that this is back in stock with a brand new gimmick:

Anyone have this, or have any thoughts on this please??

To say I'm intrigued is an understatement :)

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