Marketing for Magicians

Struggling with an effect? Any tips (without giving too much away!) you'd like to share?

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Marketing for Magicians

Postby U THINK I KNOW » Feb 14th, '18, 21:09

Here's a website I found that has a ton of very valuable information for the business side of magic. I don't know if you know this place already or if someone already posted this. But I figured just in case not it's worth it. ITS FREE" target="_blank" target="_blank

Sign up (subscribe) to get their podcast, and then you'll be able to find all their stuff in the tags of each podcast.

If you know anything similar please share.

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Re: Marketing for Magicians

Postby bmat » Feb 21st, '18, 18:17

I didn't subscribe so I can comment on the contents but it reads well.

What I worry about when I read things like this is "For the Business side of Magic" One will be much more effective, and able to put themselves in a position of possible success if one eliminates the 'magic' part. Magicians who wish to start a business venture in magic have to concentrate on the business. We already know the magic. And believe it or not a magic business is not unique, to be successful it needs to be thought of and run as a any other small business otherwise it will fail before it even starts.

I've said over and over again magicians fail not due to lack of skill but lack of business sense. Keeping in the back of your mind you are running a service and your service is entertainment in the guise of magic. Start with the basics. ... ss-4073888

Is a nice resource that breaks down into small steps that so many magicians forget about.

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