Roll-Up, Roll-Up...

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Roll-Up, Roll-Up...

Postby lukejohnsonUK » May 1st, '18, 11:24


I’m twenty-seven and based in the North East of England. My love of magic started when I was five years old, but sadly came to a halt in my late teens. Over the past couple of years I’ve rediscovered said childhood passion; primarily mentalism and memory demonstrations.

I feel like I’m ready to take that next step and begin performing infront of crowds again, instead of family and friends. I’m wanting to do something that maybe isn’t everywhere at the moment; a memory act à la Harry Lorrayne and Chan Canasta. I’m struggling to find performers who commit themselves to the art of memory stunts (although I do welcome suggestions) which I gather is due to the fact that it’s rather boring to witness as an audience member, especially if it’s a case of “Look at how clever I am”. So, I have an idea for a parlour act --

I’ll play the role of a turn of the century snake oil salesman. A character who does not claim to be magic, or psychic, but purely a travelling swindler spreading the word about his new concoction: a 'memory enhancing elixir' which he will demonstrate the effects of. I like the idea that the audience know that the character I’m playing is a fraud, but that there still has to be some sort of skill that the “real me” is performing; quite meta, I guess.

Any way, this was just a quick “Hello” and a request for any insight, encouragement or initial opinion regarding my proposed act.

Kind regards, Luke.

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Re: Roll-Up, Roll-Up...

Postby Mandrake » May 1st, '18, 13:49

Hi and welcome to TM!

My love of magic started when I was five years old, but sadly came to a halt in my late teens. Over the past couple of years I’ve rediscovered said childhood passion
Quite a common story here on TM so you really are amongst friends!

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Re: Roll-Up, Roll-Up...

Postby moonbeam » May 1st, '18, 18:59

Hi and welcome to TM :)

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Re: Roll-Up, Roll-Up...

Postby mark lewis » May 2nd, '18, 10:21

I used to know a character who did a memory act just like Harry Lorayne although nowhere near as successful. He would actually remember everyone's name in the audience just like Harry. The only difference was that he would do it in the Northern England Working Mens Clubs. Alas that all came to an end when one day the bouncer asked him why he was going around the audience beforehand asking people their names. He did not accept the answer and told him not to annoy the customers!

I think it was a pretty stressful act for him anyway. He would arrive backstage out of breath and red in the face from running around trying to get all the names and remember them in time for the show to start!

He ran into a bit of financial difficulty and I was greatly amused when at the very end of the British national news programme "News at Ten" the announcer finished off with "And now here is the story of the Memory Man who forgot to pay his bills!"

I won't mention his name for obvious reasons and indeed I have no idea if he is even still alive. He was a wonderful character and I liked him very much. I still remember the time he tried to do a headline prediction and put his prediction in an enclosed box in the window of the newspaper offices for all to see. The only problem was that he had put the wrong prediction in the envelope and was panicking and asking me how to break into the window overnight. I talked him out of it.

He did get a newspaper headline though. It said, SORRY, JAMES! (not his real name) He managed to laugh it off in the end!

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